Have you caught ’em all? No, not pocket monsters, don’t be a Jerry. We’re talking about all the Mortys in Pocket Mortys.

You have? Cool. We’re hear to tell you that there are now more characters to search for and collect, because Adult Swim Games says that developer Big Pixel Games has added 50 more of them based on Rick and Morty season 3, which wrapped up earlier this month.

(Or did it? Insert as many thinking emojis as you want right here.)

In any case, season 3 introduced fans to more wonderfully twisted characters, so the mobile game wants to invite them all in. Between now and next year, you’ll find the likes of Teacher Rick, Working Class Rick and Street Loco Morty available to catch, train and battle. New Mortys and Ricks exclusive to Pocket Mortys are also a thing you’ll find.

Look for new game features as well, including rarities for Mortys, coupon rewards for Multiplayer Challenges and other game improvements based on your feedback … well, your feedback provided you’ve been playing Pocket Mortys and have given the devs your opinions on what you’d like to see improved.

Best of all, you don’t need to go on any interdimensional adventures or even know who Pickle Rick is to experience all the bizarre new goodness. Just hop through a portal to the App Store or Google Play and download Pocket Mortys for free. You’ll thank us for it, even if you never find your Szechuan Sauce.