If you’ve never played mahjong before, don’t panic. Mahjong Mystery may sound complicated, but its gameplay couldn’t be simpler.

The aim of the game is to match tiles. Each stage presents you with several stacks of them, and you have to identify the ones that match and give them a prod. That’s it.

Okay, that’s not it. In fact, Mahjong Mystery is absolutely jam-packed with things to do. The fun core gameplay mechanic may be about finding pairs, but it’s the addictive and varied metagame elements that will keep you hooked long into the night.

… If you’re brave enough to play in the dark. I’m messing with you – Mahjong Mystery sure is spooky but on the scary scale it’s more like a child in a pumpkin costume (albeit a very well designed pumpkin costume) than Nightmare On Elm Street.

Completing boards nets you coins, and you need these coins to unlock new boards. They are the fuel that keeps the game going. After every stage you can earn more coins by watching a short video and then spinning a wheel of fortune.

There are also Bonus Quest stages, quest items to complete, a jar that automatically fills with coins around the clock, daily login bonuses, and special items to combine and sell, all of which brings in more coins to keep the game flowing.

If you ever do run out you can revisit stages you’ve already completed and do them again, aiming for a higher star rating or just another payout. That means you simply never run out of things to do, and you’ll never run into a paywall.

Altogether there are 520 spooky themed levels, 260 each at Normal and Hard difficulty, with more to come. Plus there are a massive 1040 Bonus Quest stages, all with their own unique tile sets. They range from casual to seriously challenging, so you’ll always have gameplay to suit your skill level and mood.

Mahjong Mystery is a huge, varied, and totally free casual game that’ll keep you busy for months. Download it now on Google Play and iTunes.