What if fall never arrives? This is an actual question some of us in the eastern part of the United States are asking ourselves as we’re almost halfway through October and it’s still warm enough outside to wear shorts. Will we ever need pants again?

Probably. Or at least hopefully, because your legs deserved to be fully clothed at some point. In the meantime, the one thing we can depend on to be more consistent than the weather is the release of new mobile games, because they come like clockwork every week. Mother Nature, you could learn something from devs about consistency.

As always separating the wheat from the chaff is largely a matter of personal preference, but we can at least help by highlighting what looks best. We’re doing that for you right here, because we, too, pride ourselves on consistency. Take that, weather.

Cubis Kingdoms

The Cubis series of puzzle games goes back more than a decade, pre-dating the mobile obsession with matching three or more things of the same type. Cubis Kingdoms continues the series’ tradition of 3D matching and board clearing, but this time with kingdoms to save from an evil curse. That’s truth in naming, which we always appreciate. It looks like a fun puzzler that strikes the right balance between accessibility and challenge while giving you a reason for what it is you’re doing. Also, gargoyles.

The Talos Principle

It used to be that you couldn’t faithfully translate fancy console and PC games onto mobile, but those days are long gone. This is more a “what took you so long?” deal since The Talos Principle has been available on Android for a while and has finally made its way to iOS. Now that it’s here, you can tackle its many puzzles while pondering deep questions on the meaning of consciousness and existence. Heavy stuff for a game with robots, right?

Into the Dead 2

Strange as it may seem, if video games are training us for any real world situations, it’s probably the zombie apocalypse. Yes, science says it can’t happen, but if it does, we’ve been spending a lot of time becoming badasses and ready to take some zombies down. Into the Dead 2 continues in that vein, complete with a whole lot of weapons and an “evolving story with multiple endings.” Mostly, though, it’s the latest addition to your preparation. You’re welcome.


Is there a War on Vowels that we aren’t aware of? It’s possible, and if there is, this intriguing pixel-based puzzle game uses it as a feature, not a bug. Over its 125 levels, it appears there are both pixels and vowels missing, and you’ve got to guess what you’re working on and finish it off. It’s kind of like the visual version of Wheel of Fortune once you’ve already guessed all the consonants. Or maybe nothing like that, but we’re still interested in playing and finding out.

NHL SuperCard 2K18

The unseasonably warm weather we mentioned is also making it difficult to digest the fact that it’s already hockey season, but the NHL is indeed playing games that count. Thus, it’s time for the latest NHL Supercard game, where you can collect your favorite players from throughout the league and use them in multiple game modes to obtain even better players. It’s the Circle of Sports Card Game Life. We think Disney did a song about it. Hopefully, there’s a super powerful card of ageless wonder Jaromir Jagr, because he deserves it.

Dragon Hills 2

Okay, where some mobile games featuring zombies are actually potential life sims should the unthinkable happen, this is not one of those. It’s actually the follow-up to a fun action game where you rode a dragon both above and underground and tried to smash as many things as possible. This time, you’ve got a mechanical dragon and your enemies are zombies. And other things. Looks like a blast, and honestly, you had us at “mechanical dragon.” Got to get us one of those.

Beyond Oasis

Sega seems determined to make us walk back our criticisms of Sega Forever, and dropping RPGs like this one into the mix is definitely likely to help. Much lauded when it was first released in the bygone era of the ’90s (and yes kids, there were video game reviews back then, though I think we wrote them on scrolls or chiseled them onto stone tablets or something), Beyond Oasis now fits neatly onto your phone screen so you can discover elemental spirits, take down huge bosses and use your super cool armlet. Thanks, Sega.