Little alchemists, herein you will discover the specific secret combinations of the most sought-after “Legend” items in Little Alchemy 2, along with their composite parts. Magical, mysterious, and majestic, these are the items of wishes and dreams. Do not go any further unless you want to know exactly what these amazing items are and exactly how to make them. If you’re seeking only tips and tricks, then turn back now and check out Gamezebo’s spoiler-free guide for help.

Please note, we provide only one possible combination to acquire each item, though there may be five or more combinations to achieve the same result. If you do not have the specific material listed here to make one of these legends, then visit Gamezebo’s Little Alchemy 2 guide for helpful advice on how to get more combinations expeditiously. Now let us begin.

Part of the challenge of Little Alchemy 2 is that you don’t know what you’re trying to make until you’ve already made it. There’s no master list of what to look for, and in fact, hints are just the name of the item that you could make with what you already have. In that spirit, we will first list the eleven Legends items so you know what they are and can try to make them without the full recipes if you so desire. It’s like a “soft” spoiler.

  • Magic
  • Gnome
  • Mermaid
  • Nessie
  • Pegasus
  • Ghost
  • Angel
  • Frankenstein’s Monster
  • Treasure Map
  • Light Sword
  • UFO

Now we’ll move on to the hardcore spoilers with how to make 40 elements you’ll need to make these eleven awesome items above.

Many legendary items will require a Story: “A series of events or incidents told via campfire, book, cave drawing or laborious voice over.”

  • Story = Human + Campfire
  • Campfire = Fire + Wood
  • Wood = Axe + Tree
  • Tree= Plant + Big

Incidentally, Legend is Story + Story, but we won’t need that here. You’ll also want to get yourself some Magic, the first of our legendary items: “Sufficiently advanced technology and/or supernatural power that can be wielded and manipulated.”

  • Magic = Life + Rainbow
  • Rainbow = Water + Sun

Gnome: “A protector of gardens who also happens to be an insurance salesman.”

  • Gnome = Story + Garden
  • Garden = House + Plant

Mermaid: “A woman who has a beautiful singing voice and a fish tail instead of legs.”

  • Mermaid = Magic + Fish
  • Fish = Water + Animal

Nessie: “A shared hallucination by the visitors to Loch Ness.”

  • Nessie = Story + Lake
  • Lake = Water + Pond

Pegasus: “A winged hornless unicorn.”

  • Pegasus = Horse + Sky
  • Sky = Sun + Moon
  • Moon = Earth + Night
  • Night = Time + Day
  • Day = Time + Sun

Ghost: “Life after death, sometimes as a translucent body, and often on the receiving end of busts.”

  • Ghost = Story + Grave
  • Grave = Earth + Corpse
  • Corpse = Human + Time

Angel: “Divine Servant of God.”

  • Angel = Human + Light
  • Light: There is no combination to get Light, it is unlocked through gameplay progress.

Frankenstein’s Monster: “The tragic result of a mad scientist’s quest to conquer death.”

  • Frankenstein’s Monster = Corpse + Electricity
  • Electricity = Storm + Science
  • Science = Human + Universe
  • Storm = Cloud + Cloud
  • Cloud = Water + Sky

Treasure Map: “Valuable pieces of paper that can possibly lead to riches, but more likely mutiny and/or death.”

  • Treasure Map = Island + Map
  • Map = Paper + Continent
  • Paper = Wood + Machine
  • Machine = Tool + Tool
  • Tool = Human + Stone

Light Sword: “An Elegant Weapon for a More Civilized Age”

  • Light Sword = Light + Sword
  • Sword = Blade + Wood

UFO: “Objects prone to close encounters”

  • UFO = Sky + Alien
  • Alien = Life + Mars
  • Mars = Planet + Rust
  • Rust = Oxygen + Metal
  • Oxygen = Sun + Algae
  • Algae = Water + Plant

Good luck little alchemists and may your experiments yield many delights.