Monument Valley 2’s release earlier this year came as a surprise to many gamers: despite the popularity of its predecessor, developer ustwo kept the sequel under wraps until announcing—and launching—it as part of Apple’s WWDC 2017. The game took us through a beautiful, surreal adventure that told the story of Ro, her daughter, and the world-shifting rituals they undergo across generations. While the two heroines are silent throughout the game, the soundtrack speaks for them, with melodies that are “haunting, sad, dramatic and triumphant,” as our review described them.

Fans who would like to experience that soundtrack and its emotions outside of the game can now do so: ustwo and composer Todd Baker have just released Monument Valley 2’s OST across a number of digital platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. A sample track, “The Power of Two,” is available on SoundCloud while “Child,” can be heard on YouTube, with a soothing background video of Ro’s daughter enjoying some quiet time at the docks. Players who would like a more physical manifestation of the music can pre-order a two-volume vinyl set on iam8bit for $40. The vinyl version will begin shipping in Q1 2018, but the pre-order comes with a code for the digital soundtrack so you can still enjoy the tunes immediately.

If you have some spare cash leftover after snagging the OST of your choice, the iam8bit Monument Valley store has an impressive array of other merchandise, including t-shirts, prints of the gorgeous in-game art, and even plushies of Totem and Doortem (although the former is, understandably, sold out at the moment).