Fairway Solitaire is a seemingly endless supply of solitaire levels for card enthusiasts. From Big Fish Games, it has that ‘just one more go’ quality down to a tee, assuming you love card games. Entirely free to play, there’s still plenty of ways for the game to entice you into spending some money to speed things along.

Don’t worry though. Gamezebo is here with its Fairway Solitaire Tips, Cheats and Strategies guide focusing on how best to negotiate the various monetary temptations of Fairway Solitaire. You’ll be able to enjoy plenty of content for not much money at all.

Getting Started

Fairway Solitaire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Fairway Solitaire works via a few different types of currency.
  • There are golf bucks which are used to buy extra clubs or, in certain cases, a pass to the next set of levels. These are earned through completing various objectives. You’ll need a lot but they’re also quite readily available through numerous means.
  • There are trophies/challenge cups which unlock the game’s bonus stages, boosting your options. These are earned by completing certain tasks given to you during each course. Usually, these involve doing something a little special.
  • Finally, and maybe most importantly, there are stars which go towards unlocking new stages in the main game. You gain stars based on how well you complete a golf course, with a maximum of three available per course.

Daily Events and Occurrences

Fairway Solitaire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

You want to get into the habit of logging into Fairway Solitaire on a daily basis and completing certain tasks.

  • Each day, you can watch an advert to gain a few hundred golf bucks. It’s a quick and easy way to gain some money for nothing.
  • You can also watch an advert to get a stamp. Stamps are used to unlock significant bonuses such as a few thousand bucks or a club or two.
  • Each day, there’s a different 1 day event to work towards with a few commonly gained stamps involved. If you’ve got the time, work towards unlocking this stamp set and gaining some easy money.

Fairway Solitaire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • As well as that, there are daily courses and daily rewards.
  • You’re given three daily courses that are a simple matter of completing 3 holes in each. They’re a great way to earn some easy stars, plus you can earn challenge cups through completing their objectives. Keep an eye on what’s involved. Oftentimes, they’re things like completing a course under par or without making any mistakes.
  • In the Daily section, you can also unlock a free stamp and play a quick mini game with a chance to win some golf bucks. These two games refresh every 8 hours so try to do this at least as soon as you wake up then later in the day.

Earning Golf Bucks

Fairway Solitaire Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Golf Bucks make the world go round. Kind of. They’re useful to have if you want to buy some extra clubs, or buy your way into a few extra stars to unlock a new set of courses.
  • Fortunately, mostly everything you do can earn you some precious golf bucks. Even tapping on the pesky gopher when he pops up to say hi!
  • Check out the trophies section to see what objectives you can work towards in order to gain plenty of golf bucks. Early on, it’s really easy to wrack them up.
  • Just try not to waste them too frequently with purchasing clubs. Remember – you can often earn free ones by gaining a bonus card in game or simply by watching an advert when asked to.