Push & Pop from Rocky Hong is a blocky arcade puzzler that brings the beat while you try to reach the highest score possible. With retro neon vibes, a solid synth score, and a motivating mechanic, Push & Pop will keep you coming back for more. Though it’s very easy to learn, with a tutorial that lasts just 3 seconds, Push & Pop offers quite a challenge for puzzler and arcade fans alike. If you’re hooked and looking for help to beat your best score, here are Gamezebo’s Push & Pop tips, cheats and strategies.

Take Your Time

Although the synthy score might inspire some speedy swipes, there is no limit on how much time you can take to plan your next move. At first I thought the walls moving behind the pillar were a potential threat, but they are just ambient environmental details; you are safe to stand still on that platform for as long as you’d like. So play like a chess master and give each move the consideration it requires.

Hurry Up

That’s right, the next piece of advice when you don’t know how best to move is to stop overthinking and just move as fast as you can. This tactic loosens you up and helps you advance quickly. Seeing that score going up fast will help your morale as well. Once blocks start to close in on you, however, you can put on the breaks and think more about where you want to go next.

Push and Pop tips cheats strategies

Know How To Score

Raising your score is not based on collecting blocks, but rather on getting blue mini blocks I’m going to call “gems.” In fact, you can play for quite a while without any blue gems appearing. When they finally do show up, you can collect those gems by running into them or by pushing a block into them. Under your score (once you actually start to score), you’ll see a hint at what’s coming next- whether it’s gems or more blocks. Make the most of those incoming gems by clearing out as much as possible so more will appear on your board or clear tracks so they won’t be scattered in hard to reach corners. If a glowing block appears, you’ll need to clear its line to release it and then bump into it to claim it; when you hit the glowing block, it will clear the two rows that intersect with it. Be warned, this may not actually help you if you’ve been setting up some rows, so make sure you deploy it only when you’re ready.

Push and Pop tips cheats strategies

Save Your Revives

There are a limited number of free revives each day which are offered after you get stuck. These revives are given in exchange for watching a video, which is standard these days in free-to-play games. However, do not use that revive after you’ve finished a bad run because you won’t be laying a strong enough base to really get your score up.

Let The Game Work For You

Some initial board layouts are better than others, so make sure you’re set up for success from the outset. If you don’t like how the board is laid out when you launch the game, quit and restart so you don’t start at a deficit. Similarly, if you get stuck in an area with no blocks to push, just move back and forth for as long as you can and blocks will fill in gaps automatically. As the space starts getting smaller, you will be taking a gamble with each new piece coming in to block your path, but you might also get lucky and get some rows cleared without having to do anything. Let’s hope for the latter.