Juicy Jam is one of the newer Match-3 games to hit the App Store. Courtesy of Konig Studios, it has you drawing lines between fruit in order to match them up and clear them. It’s a simple concept but one with more depth than a particularly juicy pear. Probably.

Gamezebo’s Juicy Jam Tips, Cheats and Strategies is on hand with some advice on how best to match fruit quickly and effectively. You’ll know exactly what to expect in no time.

Know Your Level Type

Juicy Jam Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Not all levels are the same. There’s a lot to keep an eye on here.
  • For instance, some levels provide you with a move limit meaning you can take as long as you like figuring out how to use the moves, but you really don’t want to waste them! Generally, you want to use your moves efficiently – i.e. create huge combos all in one move.
  • Other levels offer unlimited moves but a set time limit means you want to move fast. These are great if you react quickly and make plenty of short moves, rather than spend time figuring out how to make a huge combo. React accordingly.

Know Your Objectives

Juicy Jam Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Each level also offers different objectives.
  • At its simplest, you might merely need to combine x number of one or two types of fruit. These mean you need to focus on those fruits, and not worry so much about the others.
  • Another common level type has you collecting specific ingredients. This involves getting them to drop to the ground by clearing a path for them. Always focus on doing this and don’t be distracted by making matches elsewhere. It’s not important.
  • Icy blocks are another common objective. Frequently, you have to match them multiple times in order to clear them fully. A counter gives you insight into how many times you need to do this.
  • Chocolate based blocks also exist which require you to make a match so that the chocolate tile turns normal again. These can be placed in awkward places meaning careful planning is vital.
  • Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to make matches for the sake of it. Always work towards your objective. If you have any moves left over at the end of the level, these get converted into special fruits anyhow, so you’ll gain plenty of points this way.

Know Your Tiles

Juicy Jam Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Not all fruit and tiles are the same.
  • Bombs are a dangerous option providing you with a move countdown before they explode and end the level. Work on clearing these as soon as possible unless you don’t have many moves remaining.
  • Stubborn diseased blocks can grow, taking over your fruit and making it harder to clear what’s left. Any time you make a match alongside diseased blocks though, you’ll clear it, so make that a priority.
  • Similarly, concrete blocks can be destroyed by matching alongside them and knocking them aside. Some blocks require multiple matches to fully vanquish them.
  • If you combine multiple fruits together, you can create powerful blocks that inflict much more damage. These are represented by arrows, demonstrating if they take out a row or column.
  • Wherever the match ends is where the row or column is vanquished so use this to your advantage, and make sure it ends somewhere that will take out an important area for you.