Not every week is created equally when it comes to new mobile games. Though you can be as certain as the sun rising in the east that there will be new releases of some sort (except on iOS around the holidays, when the App Store is closed for a bit), there’s no guarantee that the same number of titles will show up.

Sometimes we get so many it’s hard to narrow the field down for this column. Other times, we have to scrape just to find what’s new. It;s almost like developers got together and said, “Let’s not aim for this week and put Gamezebo to the test … ” Nah, surely not.

But even if it is, challenge accepted! We’ve picked up the totally imaginary gauntlet that’s been thrown down and come up with the most promising new mobile games of the week, small crop be darned.

My NBA2K18

If you’re a fan of the shooty hoops in video game form, there’s a good chance you already know what this is, especially since 2K has been doing it for several years. On one hand, it’s the companion app to the excellent NBA 2K console series, the latest edition of which arrives later this month. On the other, it’s a standalone basketball card game called My TEAM Mobile which isn’t very complicated but is still fun for what it is. Along with over 300 new cards for the 2017-18 season, My Team Mobile has new daily objectives and always has some other new wrinkles.

The Guides Axiom

As long as we’re talking sequels, The Guides Axiom is the follow-up to a popular iOS puzzle game called The Guides. It kind of made a name for itself on the strength of its difficulty, and Axiom pulls no punches in that regard either. Our reviewer termed it “bewilderingly delightful,” which is definitely not just a nicer way of saying frustrating. Definitely not. With more than 50 different puzzles (and more coming), the ability to take notes and pictures to use as clues down the road and a nonlinear level select system, this is a game that just may torment you in the best way.

Eight-Minute Empire

There’s a famous saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The board game Eight-Minute Empire scoffs at that anyway, since it offers you the chance to conquer and rule in a much shorter time than that. We’re guessing eight minutes, based on the title. The mobile translation brings the same difficult decisions and quick gameplay to your phone or tablet, perfect for when you want to scratch that strategic itch but don’t have the time to go full out Civilization or Risk.

The Human Age

Noodlecake Studios really seems to be pumping out the jams … er, games as of late, and The Human Age is one of the latest. The gameplay sees you assisting humanity as it advances from caveman to more enlightened states with simple swipe to match-3 mechanics, along with the building of wonders and gathering resources that you’d find in a more complex game on the same theme. Also, it features undeniably adorable human characters, the type you’d actually want to help learn more.

Juicy Jam

What, you thought we were talking about Juice Jam? It’s easy to see how you would make that mistake since they are literally only one letter off. But nope, definitely Juicy Jam here, and if you’ve somehow not met your quota of match-3 games with cute graphics yet, this game is here to help. Explore four different lands with over 100 overall levels. You know the drill.