Dragon Hills was a fast-paced, dragon-jockeying arcade epic when it launched on the App Store back in 2015. Following the tower escape of a self-rescuing princess, players would weave their majestic mount up into the air and then dive down beneath the ground, burrowing into the soil in order to gain momentum to rush up and emerge fangs-first. Part Tiny Wings and part Super Mega Worm, as we noted just prior to launch, the fantastic one-touch gameplay was only part of Dragon Hills’ enduring charm. Its colorful world filled with castles to smash, knights to clobber, and pirate ships to sink was as much fun to look at as it was to destroy.

Players looking for more Targaryen-style world conquering are in luck: Developer Rebel Twins has recently announced that Dragon Hills 2 is currently in production and is scheduled to release sometime this fall. While the sequel takes place “a few years” after the original, the princess will be going up against significantly more modern obstacles this time around. Helicopters, police cars, alien spaceships, and an army of zombies have replaced the chariots and sheep-filled hills of the first installment. Luckily the princess has beefed up her arsenal as well, trading in her giant sword for automatic weapons and mechanized dragon mounts. Both sides of this story are armed to the teeth, and the result should be an even more explosive journey of chaotic, amazing destruction.

While the official release date is currently unknown, Rebel Twins has stated that Dragon Hills 2 will hit app stores “very soon.” It will launch with three unique worlds to smash your way through, seven special weapons to master, and 21 “Mega Bosses” which are just begging for a dragon uppercut to the face.