After the runaway success of Pokemon GO last summer, it was a little surprising that other big name IPs didn’t get in on the augmented reality craze. Now, another one finally is, and it just so happens to be one of the biggest shows on television: The Walking Dead.

AMC and Next Games, who have already teamed up once for The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land, are putting walkers in your face in a much more visceral way with The Walking Dead: Our World. Yep, it’s a location-based AR take on the world’s most popular zombie franchise, one which will feature the characters from the show like Rick, Daryl and Michonne helping you do battle against the undead — and, one would suspect, the living with bad intentions — wherever you take your Android or iOS device.

The announcement trailer definitely gives off an atmospheric vibe, with people seeing their typical everyday lives transformed into something a bit more post-apocalyptic, and familiar faces definitely showing up to lend a hand.

Aside from battling zombies, the blog post revealing The Walking Dead: Our World offers up precious few other details. Will it have social features so you can band together with fellow survivors? Are you going to have to swipe to swing or fire weapons? Will there be locations you check in and get weapons and supplies similar to PokeStops in Pokemon GO? How about boss battles or at least showdowns with huge walker hordes that require players to come together to ensure they triumph?

We don’t know any of that just yet, but at least the launch of Pokemon GO gives Next Games a road map for what to do and what to improve upon when this game goes live. Until it does, there’s an official website where you can register an email address to get the latest information first.