Bet you can’t guess what Disney Magical Dice is all about. If you assume it has something to do with all the many, many popular Disney characters and that dice are involved, you’re on the right track.

It’s actually a board game of sorts, with Netmarble clearly taking very direct inspiration from one of the more popular board games of all time (hint: it rhymes with duopoly) but adding a bunch of additional gameplay elements that enhance the replay value and challenge involved. Plus there’s the collecting aspect that can’t be ignored, as just about everyone’s Disney favorites are represented as playing pieces and can be collected and leveled up for use in the game.

Though it’s not a super complicated game, there’s a little more to it than you may first assume, which is why we’ve been rolling them bones to compile there Disney Magical Dice Tips, Cheats and Strategies. Read on and get ready to master those dice.

The Basics

Disney Magical Dice Tips, Cheats and Strategies

It’s pretty safe to say that the board layout and general aim of Disney Magical Dice will be immediately familiar to all but the very youngest players. The board is divided into different squares, and on every turn, you roll the dice and move that many spaces. If the square you land on is vacant, you can purchase it and build structures on it; the further around the board you go, the more expensive the squares become.

The board also has several special squares:

  • Start – Collect bonus coins every time you land on or pass this square.
  • Peter Pan’s Flying Ship – Allows you to move to any square of your choice next turn, collecting your bonus if you pass Start.
  • Sleeping Beauty Castle – Lets you start a Festival on one of your squares, increasing the rent multiplier there.
  • Haunted Mansion – Traps you for three turns unless you pay a coin fee or roll doubles to escape.

Speaking of rolling doubles, doing so on a regular turn allows you to go again. But the most unique thing about Disney Magical Dice is the degree of control you have over the dice roll. Instead of just tapping the ‘Roll’ button, you actually hold it down based on whether you’re aiming for a low roll (2-5), medium roll (6-8) or high roll (9-12). If you get a Magic Roll, your roll is guaranteed to be in the desired range. If you don’t get a Magic Roll, the total of the dice will be random. You automatically receive a Magic Roll after five turns if you don’t get one sooner. As you might guess, Magic Rolls can be very important in avoiding trouble areas owned by your opponents or aiming for a square you really want to buy.

Another difference between this game and other similar ones is that if you land on a square owned by someone else, you can take it over by paying twice its cost. That comes after you pay the rent associated with it, so while this move isn’t cheap, it gives you some additional flexibility to avoid getting nailed by the same square repeatedly, as well as a way to finish off a color if your opponents have blocked it by buying one square.

How to Win a Game in Disney Magical Dice

Disney Magical Dice Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Like that game we’re trying so hard not to mention by name, the simplest way to win in Disney Magical Dice is to bankrupt your opposition. As you move around the board and buy spaces, you’ll then collect rent whenever your opponents land on them. Building bigger structures on them, from one story to three story buildings and then special Landmarks, allows you to collect even more rent.

Eventually, one player, hopefully you, will end up with all the coins in play. There are also limits to keep each game from taking hours, in terms of both times and the number of turns. If either of these reaches zero, the player who has the most coins at that moment will be declared the winner.

As you progress, you’ll also unlock additional boards that have their own unique win conditions on top of bankrupting everyone else. Be sure to study these any time you unlock a new board or you might end losing a match and not even know what’s going on.

Bonus tip: If you land on a square and have to pay rent that is higher than the number of coins you have left, it’s not necessarily the end. The game allows you to sell off properties or even take a “cash advance” that has to be repaid, though this is really only a true option if you own a lot of squares and see a way for a rally to take place.

Leveling Up Characters — When Hoarding is Good

Disney Magical Dice Tips, Cheats and Strategies

In a similar style to too many current mobile games to count, the playing pieces in Disney Magical Dice can be leveled up by collecting more of them. You’ll find figures in numerous ways — as victory rewards in timed chests, as rewards simply for logging in every few hours and by playing the ‘Saga’ single-player mode. To advance a figure to the next level, you’ll need both the correct number of duplicates and the proper amount of gold, both of which increase with each additional level.

There are two benefits to playing with higher level figures, based on the stats that all of them have:

  • Luckiness: Increases the chances of a Magic Roll and the chances of getting a good Fortune Card when you land on the correct space.
  • Thriftiness: Decreases the number of coins you pay to take over an opposing player’s space, use special squares, build structures and even the cost of rent.

Every character also has special advantages that unlock at specific levels. Those are too numerous to list here, so make sure you tap on your characters’ profiles in your Inventory to see what is coming up for each one.

Of Items and Yes, Dice

Disney Magical Dice Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Once your account reaches level 3, you’ll unlock item slots that you can find on the left-hand side of your Inventory screen. You’ll also automatically receive your first item, the Moon Bless, which gives you a chance to double the rent on a square you own whenever you land on it.

There are more than a dozen different items you can find as rewards, and you’ll eventually unlock the ability to use up to four of them at once. Even better, the items slots are connected to your account, not the figures, so you won’t have to worry about swapping items between characters once you find some you like.

One final way to improve your success is the most fitting of all: you can buy new dice with special properties to replace the normal set you get when starting out. New dice can be purchased using Gems, the game’s premium currency, from the ‘Dice’ tab in the Shop. Simply tap on the question mark icon next to any pair of dice to see what bonuses they bring to the table, including their very own Luckiness and Thriftiness stats.