The enormously delightful multiplayer battle game CATS answered a question we never knew we had: do cats form guilds?

No. No, they do not. Instead, the intrepid street kittens and battle machines of CATS come together to form Gangs, and the latest game update puts them to the test in a new game mode called Gang Battles.

Here’s how ZeptoLab describes them:

Players can now unite with each other and fight for dominance in a new 3 vs 3 game mode, where they put all three cars from their garage against three cars of another player. The player with at least one undestroyed car wins, and their trophies add up with the others to form a gang rating. Gang Battle lasts for three days, after which the global leaderboard is formed, all gangs get rewards according to the place they ended up in, and the battle starts anew.

Also included in the new update are new weapons and gadgets you requested. Or even if it wasn’t you personally, players just like you wanted to see a minigun and a shotgun, and now you’ve got them.

Just in case you were wondering about how CATS has caught on since its launch this spring, ZeptoLab also reports that the game has now been downloaded over 60 million times, which is equivalent to the population of Italy. We have a hunch that total includes a bunch of downloads that came from places other than that country, but hey, maybe all Italians are just crazy about cat-driven battle machines.

In any case, if you see a gang of roving cats roaming unchecked through your neighborhood, there’s no need for alarm as they may just be getting their arena strategies ironed out.