Super Phantom Cat 2 is an endearing platformer starring feline heroes on an epic adventure. The game includes some engaging features like light resource management as well as character unlocking and building, which you can read more about in our review.

If you’re looking to make the most of your nine lives, here are Gamezebo’s tips, tricks, and strategies.

Platforms May Surprise You

From walking on clouds to hanging from a platform, surfaces may not always be what they seem. Many platforms allow you to jump through them to get on top of them, but beware, you won’t be able to jump back down again if you realize you’ve missed some coins. Clouds are safe to traverse and most enemies can also be used as platforms.  Transparent blocks usually disappear, so make sure you don’t jump on them accidentally; you might need them later.

Super Phantom Cat 2 Tips

Bop Everything

From danglers to runners to flyers, baddies appear on every surface and in every area. Try to kill each one because some of them unlock hidden areas that wouldn’t otherwise appear. Similarly, rather than avoiding enemies, try to trigger them to advance because they might just clear the way for you.

Learn Your Vines

Vines are meant to help you, but they can be complicated little buggers. You can trigger them to grow up or down by killing certain enemies and you can also grow them yourself once you’ve unlocked the Plant power. To get on a vine, you must jump up to it precisely, but be aware you will immediately start sliding down. If the vine is hanging on its own (not against a wall), you’ll only need to tap up to get higher and you can jump from vine to vine by tapping to the sides. However, if the vine is against a wall, you’ll need to tap up while also tapping in the direction toward the wall. This is very important because if you do not tap to the side as well as up, off you’ll slide, likely to your death. Also note that you can throw your vine onto an enemy to trap it so you can bounce on it.

Super Phantom Cat 2 Tips

Go Back!

Your first pass through a level might not yield everything there is to discover, so before you jump through that escape portal, go back and look with fresh eyes. Just the act of moving through the level from the other direction may uncover new areas you have yet to explore. With no restrictive countdown timer, you can take all the time you need to pull out every last resource. You can also go back to previous levels and collect any resources you didn’t get before, farm for gold or earn points.

Super Phantom Cat 2 Tips

Don’t Trust The Balloon

If you fall into a ravine, you may be offered a balloon to save you. Be warned: balloons do not guarantee safe placement and you may be dropped right into the path of an oncoming enemy. Similarly, Revive elixirs can put you directly in harm’s way. Before you select the balloon or elixir, take a quick look at what’s around you and be prepared to immediately jump to avoid danger.

More Tips

  • There is no limit on using your super powers like Blink or Plant. Just use them on everything, everywhere. You can even use them on enemies! If you get stuck anywhere, try using your power. It’s likely exactly what you need to get out.
  • Some blocks can only be destroyed if you are directly underneath them, others can only be destroyed if you run and jump at them.
  • Heed the messages that appear as you explore. They might seem like cute little notes, but they are actually hints on how to progress effectively.
  • Take advantage of the daily deals to optimize your heroes. You can purchase different hero fragments with coins or diamonds, but offerings change each day so check back to see if your favorites are available.
  • Whenever it is offered, watch the video ad to double your coins. You’ll need those coins for building upgrades and resources.