It’s Princess Lerione’s birthday, and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a magic show for the whole kingdom? The fabulous Mister X is the star performer. He begins with a few conjurer’s tricks to wow the crowd, but suddenly he requests the princess join him in the arena. Then… they both vanish, and everyone around turns to ice. Everyone, that is, except for you, the queen.

Love Chronicles: A Winter’s Spell is a somewhat somber hidden object game that places you in the shoes of the queen of the land as she tries to save her daughter (and the world) from an evil magician. Mister X has a powerful spell he’s using to turn everything into ice. You’ve got a few spells of your own, fortunately, not to mention the help of a friendly wizard.

Most of your time in A Winter’s Spell will be spent picking through the plethora of items scattered about the world. It seems like everything comes in groups of two or three in this place. There’s never just one ancient pendant, there’s a pair, and wouldn’t you know it, you need both! This creates a sort of hidden object flavor to the adventure portion of the game, especially since most of the puzzles are straightforward and easy to solve once you have the necessary ingredients.

Speaking of hidden object scenes, they’re one of the high points of the Love Chronicles experience. You’ll get a fair variety of styles, from text lists to silhouettes, but the interesting part is the game does more than challenge you to click on every object. Oftentimes most items are locked away by puzzles, forcing you to find certain objects first and use them to free others. It’s a touch frustrating the first time you encounter it, as it seems like everything you click can’t be accessed. Once you get used to the set-up, though, you’ll look forward to each and every hidden object scene.

Love Chronicles: A Winter’s Spell has a lot of mini-game diversions to keep you entertained. For starters, there’s the alchemy set, which you’ll use to mix up a potion by carefully combining the right ingredients. Then there’s the hidden object history scroll you’ll use on a regular basis to uncover bits of lore about your kingdom’s past. Other mini-games stick to simpler formulas like tile swapping or shape matching, but they all have one thing in common: they’re tons of fun. Yep, even the easy ones!

Love Chronicles: A Winter’s Spell is light on intrigue and lean on new ideas, but the experience it creates is thoroughly engaging. The generous mix of hidden object games and quick mini-games will keep you busily clicking away, only to realize there’s a wizard or ice or something you need to take care of. You know, when you get around to it.