The Builder might have said a surprisingly heartfelt goodbye to Clash of Clans, but that doesn’t mean he’s hung up his hammer for good. In fact, thanks to the wonders of augmented reality, you might run into him right now just about anywhere.

That’s if you have the Facebook app on your phone or mobile device, which approximately 99.9996 percent of human beings do (only a rough estimate, but still probably pretty accurate). Supercell and Facebook have teamed up to bring a little more Builder to the real world thanks to some simple but nifty tricks via Facebook Camera.

Use the selfie camera on your phone and you can turn yourself into the builder, complete with widened face, bushy eyebrows and luxurious hair. Flip things around with the rear-facing camera and you’ll find the Builder hard at work on whatever you happen to have in front of you.

Clash of Clans Facebook AR

“In as little as five years, Supercell has built one of the most vibrant game communities in the world through Clash of Clans,” Leo Olebe, director of global games partnerships at Facebook, said in a press release. “Using the AR Studio tool on Facebook’s Camera Effects Platform, Supercell is giving Clash fans a chance to celebrate and become a character most deserving of some love. We’re proud to team up with Supercell, and we’re happy to finally give the Builder a chance to work on some new, hopefully more rewarding projects.”

In other words, while it probably wasn’t quite accurate to say we were all the Builder before, it’s pretty close to true right now. The Builder may have been replaced in-game by mere Barbarians, but he’ll never quite be replaced in our hearts. And at least for the time being, he doesn’t have to be.

Keep on hammering, Builder. We’ve got your back.