Have you ever played 2048, Threes or any other number-based puzzler and thought to yourself, “This is fun, but it would be even better if it had less corners and more circles and rotation?” Sure, we all have (note: maybe not all), and Laps – Fuse has arrived to fill that circular void in our hearts.

Like those other, pretty famous games we mentioned, Laps works by fusing numbers together as you need to combine three of them of the same color. The difference is that it’s a test of reflexes as well as you’ve got to time your shots while rotating around the circular board and getting as many points as possible before you run out of laps.

Think of it like running a NASCAR race until you run out of gas while trying to do color recognition and basic math at the same time and you’ve just about got it.

It seems like a lot of fun and something that goes beyond the number-matching gameplay of titles that have come before it to carve out a bit of a new niche for itself.

If you’re feeling the same way, you can grab Laps for free right now from the App Store or Google Play and making the most out of you’re newfound love of rotation as soon as possible.