Pac-Man is well known for eating everything in sight, as the old “Pac-Man Fever” sing put it, and sending ghosts running after eating power pellets. Hello Kitty is known mostly for being adorable. They wouldn’t seem to have all that much in common.

Still, people love a good mash-up, even if the two famous things being mashed together wouldn’t normally make much sense as a pair. That’s why if you download the Pac-Man mobile game right now, you’ll find Hello Kitty as a very special guest.

The collaboration was announced this week at Comic-Con International and is already live in-game. The team-up involves special themed levels, customized icons and ghosts. Sanrio and Bandai Namco are also supporting it with a host of merchandise that people in San Diego are probably already gobbling up, including t-shirts, caps, socks, tote bags, pins, and a Hello Kitty ♥ PAC-MAN collectible figure set, all available at the Bandai Namco booth.

As for why they’d come together, well, there’s even an explanation for that too.

“Hello Kitty and PAC-MAN have both endeared themselves to pop culture fans around the world for decades, it’s about time that these two became best-friends,” Eric Hartness, Vice President of Marketing at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc., said in a press release. “We look forward to celebrating this new friendship with fans at Comic-Con and have them experience the limited-time Hello Kitty update to the PAC-MAN app as they chomp dots, weave through corners, and avoid colorful ghosts.”

Sounds logical enough to us, and is nicer than saying, “We came up with it as a way to separate all of you from more of your money.” To check out this odd but cute couple for yourself, hit the App Store or Google Play and download Pac-Man for free before August 19, when Hello Kitty says goodbye.