There’s a Comic-Con going on right now in San Diego, or so we’re told. All of that awesome, delectable pop culture in one place (albeit one really crowded place) and we’re all stuck … well, not in Southern California. Bummer, dude.

We’ll find solace the same places we always find it, meaning the app stores of the world. Android or iOS doesn’t matter, just that they help take our minds off whatever is going on in Hall H at the moment. Which is undoubtedly something very cool.

Thankfully, there’s another new batch of mobile games to help occupy us while we’re waiting to refresh the IGN homepage for the latest in nerdery, so let’s see what looks good this week.

Layton’s Mystery Journey

What in the world would make you pay double-digit ducats for a puzzle game? It depends on how you look at it, really. If you consider that this is a mobile entry in the long-running Layton series, which has historically seen its games release on console or handheld, it’s a bargain. Otherwise, it’s just a really expensive mobile game. Either way, you should expect more content than ever before, famous landmarks aplenty and a bunch of fun characters. Also puzzles.

Full Throttle Remastered

You might remember this game from LucasArts from the mid-90s, assuming your gaming days date back that far. If not, suffice it to say that Full Throttle is a graphic adventure game from the mind of Tim Schafer, which means its high quality. The Remastered part means you can enjoy it with all new, hand-drawn 3D art and buffed up audio, or you can switch and play it in its original form if that’s what you really want. Either way, you’ll likely find yourself getting caught up in a tale of “Motorcycles, Mayhem and Murder.”


Everyone needs a good word puzzle game in their life, and Sidewords looks like it could be one of those. Billing itself as part logic game as well, Sidewords removes the race against the clock aspect of some similar games and challenges you to take your time and puzzle things out. Maybe good for the former sodoku crowd except with letters? Hundreds of puzzles and a choice of color schemes means you can really dig into this one if you find it’s your cup of tea.

WWE Tap Mania

wwe tap mania

Of all the companies licensing big IPs for mobile games, the WWE is one of the most ambitious. There’s barely a genre out there it hasn’t agreed to try (within reason, anyway), and you can add another one thanks to WWE Tap Mania. As the title suggests, there’s a lot of tapping involved, but also a strategic twist as you collect Superstars to build the best team possible. You’ll find all the men and women you love to cheer or boo each week, and the action is brought to you by the real life commentating team of Michael Cole and Corey Graves. Seems like a slam dunk … er, body slam to investigate if you enjoy sports entertainment.

Triple Agent!

Is there really such a thing as a triple agent in real life? Just seems like it would be hard to keep your loyalties straight. In this party game, you can put that hypothesis to the test by either working for the Agency or spying on them for V.I.R.U.S., a worthy acronym no matter what it actually means. Multiple people play the game on a single device, passing it around when it’s the next player’s turn to act. That promises to keep things lively, so we’re intrigued to see how it works.

Leap On!

This game sounds like it is asking a question and/or wanting you to do something through the use of peer pressure. Leap on … what, exactly? Anyway, Leap On! is the product of Noodlecake Studios, which already has our attention, and promises some classic arcade-style action with simple one-touch controls. Swing yourself around while picking up power-ups and avoiding the evil shapes and go for the highest score possible. Back in my day, this is all we did, and we had to spend quarters to do it. We’re only partially kidding.

Mr Jump S

Just when you thought that really difficult one-touch mobile games were a thing of the past (and no one probably really though that, to be honest), Mr Jump S is here to make you want to throw your phone or tablet and test the durability of that Gorilla Glass. Our friends at Pocket Gamer say that only 77 percent of players even made it to the second level of the first Mr Jump, which tells you exactly what kind of challenge you’re likely to find here. But the levels are shorter here, hopefully giving one more of a chance to feel a sense of accomplishment and less crushing failure. Plus Mr Jump is gonna keep jumping regardless, so you may as well help him.

Realpolitiks Mobile

A strategy game with all kinds of ways to test your skills at becoming a global power that’s now on mobile? Go on, tell us more. Ah, well since that’s our job, we’ll tell you that Realpolitiks has you running a country from medieval times all the way to the present, challenging you to use every tool at your disposal to carve out a place in the world while dealing with the unpleasantries of life writ large: disease, terrorism and more. It’s also on Steam if PC is more your thing, but we have a feeling you wouldn’t necessarily have read all the way to the end of this week’s list if you weren’t thinking mobile first.