Word Connect is a fun and simple word game from Zentertain. Each level has you given a selection of tiles and a few targets in mind. Starting out, you might just need to make a few 3 letter words with that target gradually increasing to 6 or more. It’s a simple brainteaser that’s pretty relaxing too.

To help make things even more relaxing, Gamezebo has concocted its very own Word Connect Tips, Cheats and Strategies. In it, you’ll find various tips and tricks on how to get past the occasional pesky difficult puzzle.

General Tips

Word Connect Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Take your time. There’s no time limit here so you can spend some time thinking about what words you can create. Early on, it’ll be fairly quick and easy but having that unlimited time later on is a big help.
  • Focus on creating small words first. They’re usually pretty easy to form and you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere!
  • When there are multiple words of the same length to find, they’re arranged alphabetically. That means if you’ve found a word beginning with O and there’s one before it, you shouldn’t bother considering it might start with a letter after O. It’s a small clue into what to try next.

Word Connect Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Oftentimes, the words you’ve just created can give you some insight into what the next word could be. Take a look at what you’ve created and consider how different things could be if you just added one more letter. It’s a far more effective technique than looking at the jumbled letters underneath.
  • Don’t forget to experiment and try to make some hidden words. They’ll come in handy. There are often many more words on the board than you actually need.
  • Well and truly stuck and can’t figure out how to complete a puzzle? You could cheat. No, we don’t mean through the game’s clue system. We mean by using an anagram solving website. There are plenty out there. Try not to rely on them as it ruins the point of Word Connect, but it can be useful if you feel seriously stuck and you can’t afford a clue or two.

Earning Coins

Word Connect Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Coins are used to help you buy clues. Clues aren’t a deal breaker but, understandably, it’s useful to have them available to you. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to earn more coins.
  • As soon as you start the game, connect your Facebook account to it. You’ll earn 500 coins that way.
  • You can also ask your friends and family for help this way, as well as swap coins. It’s all quite useful in the long run, and hey, this is a fun game so you won’t feel like you’re bombarding them with requests for something lame.
  • Log in every day and you’ll earn a random amount via a daily bonus. In theory, you can earn thousands this way but it’s more likely that you’ll earn a couple of dozen.
  • Play the Daily Challenge! Each day, you’re given a few puzzles specifically for that day of the week. You can earn a lot of coins this way and it really racks up fast.
  • Find hidden words. Not every word is needed to complete a puzzle but Word Connect likes to reward you when you find a word that’s not essential. Collect enough of these hidden words and you earn some coins in exchange for doing so.