Snake VS Block is an addictive new high score chaser which is notably easy to learn and play, but exceedingly difficult to master. To play, simply swipe from side to side collecting numbered balls which lengthen your snake. Avoid entirely or crash through numbered blocks which reduce the size of your snake by the number they show. If the blocks you hit have a number higher than the length of your snake, you will die. Your score is based on the value of the blocks you break, not the number of balls you collect; however, to break those large blocks, you’ll need a very long snake which can survive for a very long time. If you’re looking for some serious snake longevity, here are Gamezebo’s Snake VS Block tips, tricks, and strategies.

Find Your Flow

This game is mostly about flow- in the formal sense of finding your flow, that meditative state of moving through multiple challenges with comfort and ease. The snake moves fast and you’ll need to make quick decisions, but if you can find your groove, and just roll with what comes at you, you’ll do far better than if you’re second guessing every decision. Part of getting in flow is being able to move freely and comfortably. This definitely means using your dominant hand for this one-handed play while supporting your device as needed. We also recommend keeping your finger on your device rather than tapping to change directions.

Snake VS Block Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Keep Moving

Once you hit a block you are still free to move, and you do not have to push through that one block just because you’ve made contact. For example, if you hit a wall at a 30-block and there is a 2-block nearby, you can continue swiping to move your snake to the side and break through that 2-block instead, as long as you have enough balls in your snake to make it that far. Similarly, if you touch a block on the side, you can still keep going as long as you keep navigating your snake forward. Death might seem imminent, but if you keep swiping it is possible to make it through a brutal set of obstacles.

Aim Strategically

If you’re being led into a full wall with no openings, consider that the block with the lowest number is very often followed up by a block with a very high number. This means you’ll need to navigate very quickly to avoid a high number block or you may end up crashing and dying; this is even worse if there are walls that prevent you from moving to a different track. However, when facing that big wall, sometimes it is actually more beneficial to hit a mid-range block, rather than the lowest numbered block to avoid being forced into a track with an impossibly high numbered block on the other side.

Snake VS Block Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Master The Side Step

The snake is extremely responsive and flexible, allowing it to move almost perpendicularly to its forward momentum. This means that you can very quickly grab a ball almost directly to your side if you are fast enough. Grabbing multiple balls that are aligned along the horizontal axis rather than just those that are directly in front of you will be the key to getting the longest snake possible.

Practice, Practice

Snake VS Block is auto-generated to be a different path every time, so a certain amount of luck will determine the map through which you have to navigate. Expect a lot of cheap deaths early on, but stick with it and you’ll become more adept at the controls and start to see some of the patterns that emerge with walls and paths. The game feels very challenging at the outset, but stick with in and you see your high scores start to climb.