Have you drifted away from Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? EA would like you to come back, and it’s bringing tons of Ewoks to the party to make sure you do. Nub nub!

Okay, so there’s a lot more coming up for Galaxy of Heroes besides the furry little aliens, though they really are the center of attention this month. All existing Ewoks have received upgraded art, animation and ability icons, and they’ve been joined by three newcomers: Wicket, Logray and Paploo. You’ll find Ewok Marquee Events to put them to the test right away and earn their shards, as well as Ewok-centric Flash Events.

If, for some reason, you dislike the last act of Return of the Jedi (you monster), maybe the Hero’s Journey for Luke Skylwaker is more your speed. From Tatooine farm boy to Rebel hero, a series of events will help recreate Luke’s epic personal tale, eventually unlocking the new Commander Luke Skywalker.

An even bigger addition will roll out in the months ahead: Territory Battles. Cognizant of the fact that Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has added a ton of content since it first launched, the developers wanted a way to put all of your collection to good use, including all characters and ships. Territory Battles will allow exactly that, as Guilds will work together to battle across the iconic ice planet of Hoth attempting to claim as much territory as possible through a variety of mission types. It sounds like the kind of high level strategy that will mix well with the game’s tactical excellence.

You can read more about what EA is calling “The Road Ahead” on the game’s official blog, but it sounds like there are plenty of reasons to dive back in or carry on if you’ve been playing regularly. May the Force be with you, as always.