Have you ever missed out on an event in your favorite game because you forgot about it? Well, GamerCal is trying to make that a thing of the past, and its latest update makes this the perfect time to pick up this super smart app.

GamerCal lets you keep track of the games you play, and sends you push notifications to alert you when anything is happening in them. It’s a really simple system, and a brilliant way to ensure you’re never going to be left frustrated again.

You can choose the kind of event you want to be notified about, and the list of games is pretty exhaustive. From Pokemon GO to Clash Royale, GamerCal lets you keep track of the mobile games that are important to you.

Plus the latest update adds a couple of new features that really make GamerCal worth checking out. First and foremost, the app is now completely free to use! You can track your games, keep an eye on new titles you might be interested in, and it won’t cost you anything to do it.

On top of that, the new update adds a menu of popular titles, making it much easier to check out games that you might be interested in. In a few taps you can download them from the App Store and be playing something fresh and exciting.

Right now GamerCal is for iOS games only, but if you’d like to see it on Android, or you’d like to see some Android-specific games included in the list of titles that the app covers, you can drop Dev a line at [email protected] to let them know you’re interested.

GamerCal is also providing unique opportunities for influencers and game developers to promote themselves and engage their audiences – just get in touch with them at the same email address as above to learn more.

So go ahead and grab GamerCal for free right now from the App Store to start dominating the competition today!

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