Phoenix One’s Guardian Kingdoms is a strategy game that might seem initially very familiar to you. Playing kind of like Clash of Clans, it has a fair few tricks up its sleeve to ensure it’s distinctive enough to maintain your interest. While some past strategies might help here, there’s still plenty to figure out.

Gamezebo’s Guardian Kingdoms Tips, Cheats and Strategies will get you started, ensuring you’ll be a master at this game in no time.

Duking it Out

Guardian Kingdoms Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Pick quality over quantity. You can produce plenty of soldiers but guess what? So can your opponent. What you want to do is make sure you have a decent group of varied soldiers, ensuring each is extra competent at different things.
  • By following that logic, upgrade your troops equally. It’s great to have a powerful iron guard, but you want powerful rangers too. Keep everyone fairly balanced.
  • Don’t forget to recruit new heroes. Your initial one is pretty great for a while, but you want to keep on top of this. Recruiting new ones can be expensive but it’s worth saving up your gems for this purpose. Pick the right hero and you can wipe out several enemy units in one swift move.
  • PvP is the best way to get gold and wood which helps you buy upgrades faster.
  • However, AI boss battles get you champion shards which means you can upgrade your heroes. Farm the dragon wherever possible so your troops can enjoy a boost or two.

Defensive Action is Good

Guardian Kingdoms Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Maintain a balance. Sure, building new structures and working on upgrading your troops is all good, but you want to make sure your base can withstand an attack while you’re away.
  • Work on spending some money on placing walls and other defenses, otherwise all your good work is going to go to waste pretty fast. Remember to upgrade them often too!
  • You want to protect your Alliance Hall and Champion Hall most of all. If they’re wiped out in PvP, you end up at a huge disadvantage.
  • Like with your troops, you want to keep your buildings equally upgraded. It’s great to have a powerful barracks and might seem tempting to focus on but you want to work on getting supplies in via your farms too.

Other Tips

Guardian Kingdoms Tips, Cheats and Strategies

  • Save up the premium red gems that you collect relatively easily. When you’ve got enough, buy a third builder with them. It’ll substantially boost your ability to build new things quickly.
  • Look out for free boxes to open up. Like so many games, Guardian Kingdoms isn’t great at informing you but there’s usually some freebies available. You can even gain free hero chests which give you new heroes to try out. They’re usually low level but it’s worth giving them a shot.
  • Remember to hook up to your Facebook account. You can add friends and gain some free benefits along the way. Don’t be irritating to your friends but there’s bound to be someone that’ll love it as much as you do.
  • While you’re considering being sociable, join an Alliance. Active members will help you out, but make sure you return the favor too. Guardian Kingdoms is big on sociable gaming and helping each other conquer enemy bases so helping each other out is key here.
  • The game funnels you into joining certain Alliances but don’t rely on that. Seek out one for yourself. They’re almost always better than the standard ones.