Sometimes the mobile gaming gods just deliver you a grand surprise before Thursday even rolls around. By gods, we actually mean developers, and we have it on good authority they are just men and women like the rest of us.

However, the gifts they can give us are somewhat heavenly, as was the case when ustwo just dropped Monument Valley 2 on us out of nowhere. It was like Christmas in June, maybe even better than when Fallout Shelter arrived unannounced a few years back.

Of course, E3 is right around the corner, so there could always be an unexpected gem or two arriving in conjunction with the show. For now, we’ll take MV2 and the other new games to hit the app stores this week and be grateful they’re in our lives. We’re not greedy, after all.

Monument Valley 2

monument valley 2

We’ve actually said quite a bit about Monument Valley 2 already, and not just in the intro to the article you’re reading now. We were so inspired to see what the sequel had in store that we dove into it immediately, finishing it quickly enough to get a review and complete walkthrough done in record time (for us, anyway). That was possible partly because of the one negative thing the game has going for it, which is that it’s pretty short. Everything else is superb, from the visuals to the soundtrack to the gameplay and inspired storytelling. Even if you don’t want to buy it, you owe it to yourself to at least ask someone who has to let you try it.

Modern Strike Online

Generally speaking, when good mobile games are hogged by one platform, it’s iOS gamers enjoying them while Android users are left out in the cold. Not so for Modern Strike Online, which has already proven popular on Android and has now finally arrived for Apple devices as well. Don’t be put off by the write-up, which seems to be have some parts that were mangled in translation. This is an excellent FPS title, a genre that arguably has not had the game that defines it on mobile yet. Maybe this can be the one.

Farming Simulator 18

If you’re a longtime Gamezebo reader, you know that we recognize that the public’s appetite for farming games ebbs and flows but can probably never be completely satisfied. Yet if you’re looking for something more like … well, actual farming, the Farming Simulator series is the way to go. The latest addition includes more crops and animals to tend to than ever before, plus the same impressive selection of real life farm equipment to help you harvest and raise it all. Early reviews suggest this is the finest the franchise has ever been on mobile.

The Quest: Thor’s Hammer

The Quest isn’t just one game, but rather an updated version of a 2009 RPG that has been added to and expanded on more than one occasion, as our own Jillian Werner describes beautifully. With Thor’s Hammer, you’re getting an expansion to The Quest that can also stand on its own, as it’s intended for brand new or low level players. Tackle over 40 quests throughout the land of Humbria as you attempt to track down Thor’s Hammer (naturally), all in glorious HD graphics. And if you enjoy this game, you’ll probably want to check out everything else The Quest has to offer too.

Super Nano Jumpers

Think today’s gamers just have things made way too easy for them? You’re not alone in that point of view, but fortunately there are always devs out there who want to take you back to the days when you chucked your controller across the room. Not that we did that, mind you, but we heard other people did. Ahem. Super Nano Jumpers has been described as a cross between Super Meat Boy and 1-Bit Ninja, which should already pique your curiosity, and it promises extreme difficulty balanced by tight controls. Sounds like a winning combination to us.

Dead Age

Yes, this is the 127,342nd game set in a zombie apocalypse. We checked the numbers. But before you turn your nose up at it, Dead Age wants you to know that it’s a survival RPG with rogue-lite elements, including a non-linear story and perma-death. Master turn-based combat, scavenge for supplies and deal with both zombies and hostile survivors, and if you fail a time or three, you can use medals earned in previous attempts to get to the game’s six different endings to boost your chances next time. See, not just the same old zombie tale after all.