For all of us whose formative years were spent trying to bridge the gap between the cultures on either side of the Atlantic, Bouncy Hoops is the mobile game we’ve been waiting for our whole lives. Released this week for both iOS and Android, Noodlecake Games’ Bouncy Hoops marries the great American streetball tradition with the classic British pastime of keepy-uppy. The result is a game which is easy to play and incredibly addictive. It’ll easily keep you captivated for hours if you let it.

As with streetball, the goal is to shoot a basketball through an elevated hoop in front of a group of jeering fans on a cracked asphalt court. However, the way to do this by tapping on the ball repeatedly, keeping it in the air as you guide it towards the net. To add an extra layer of challenge, Bouncy Hoops features a countdown clock that gives you a limited amount of time between successful shots. Take too long and it’s game over. Score at the buzzer and earn a bonus.

Bouncy Hoops Gameplay 2

Bouncy Hoops entrenches itself within the latest wave of pixel art games, though it isn’t the graphics or the soundtrack, but simplistic gameplay itself that’s the draw here. That and the unlockables. Using coins collected in-game Bouncy Hoops gives you the option to unlock a number of custom balls at random, including – perhaps paying homage to it’s keepy-uppy roots – a soccer ball.

Bouncy Hoops Ball Shop

If you’ve got an older device, performance is one thing that you won’t have to worry about here. Even with the iPad 4, Bouncy Hoops runs like a dream, something which is increasingly rare for those of us who haven’t upgraded in a while. This might not always be a great thing – that lag could come in handy when you’re trying your best to beat the buzzer and with it, your top score.
Even if you don’t consider yourself a sportser, you’re going to want to give Bouncy Hoops a spin. It’s the kind of game that dares you not to have fun.