You’ve probably heard the good news by now if you haven’t seen the movie yourself, but Wonder Woman is apparently really good. That’s a huge relief for those of us who love DC Comics characters and have been waiting patiently (and sometimes less so) for one of the recent films to really do them justice.

DC Legends is thus displaying some perfect timing by welcoming Wonder Woman movie content in its latest update. The free-to-play strategy RPG has a new playable character, Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice, which is based on the likeness of the film’s star, Gal Gadot.

As you can see in the trailer below, she’s likely to give you all the movie feels.

Other things to look for in this month’s DC Legends update include:

  • Wonder Woman-themed Hero events, with a 9-Day Super Hero Challenge and 5-Day Hero Challenge that feature shards for Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice, Wonder Woman: Princess of Themyscira, Doctor Poison and Hippolyta.
  • The Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice and Dr. Poison Hero Packs, containing character fragments and legendary essence for those two characters.
  • A special login bonus from June 2-5 to award Wonder Woman: Defender of Justice fragments.
  • New daily login rewards for June starring … well, I’m sure you can figure out which character by now.
  • Load screen appearances by characters from the Wonder Woman movie.

And if you haven’t played DC Legends at all so far, this update and seeing the movie that inspired it could in turn inspire you to seek it out. Good thing it’s a free download from the App Store or Google Play, so you don’t even need to bust out the Lasso of Truth to get it onto your phone or tablet right now.