We’ve already told you a little bit about DISTANT, the upcoming sci-fi platformer (at least that’s what genre we’re assigning it to for now) from Snowman. It was a little because that’s all we knew.

Now we’ve learned a bit more because Snowman has a new game trailer out, which you can see below. The footage is still tantalizingly little in the grand scheme of things, but it does give you an idea of the aesthetic and feel of exploration, both of which are enticing.

Also, apparently even on far off worlds, you need to be wary of rope bridges.

Snowman also has a new blog post to accompany the trailer, touting the fact that DISTANT was shown off in public for the first time at the recent Tribeca Games Festival. Here’s another teaser from the studio about what surprises the game has in store:

Sun-drenched and placid above the surface, with an ancient darkness lurking beneath, this world is just one of the many you’ll traverse as you unravel DISTANT’s secrets. What are the giant beasts lumbering in the distance? Who is the powerful cloaked traveler you’re guiding? And what exactly are those glowing, ethereal shards?

Definitely looks like there might be danger lurking beneath the water, even though it’s pretty sunny and idyllic at first glance. Maybe you’re actually adventuring in the Bahamas …


Just kidding, as your goal in DISTANT will involve “rescuing dreamscapes from destruction.” Until we find out a release window for this one — and if it’s coming to something more mobile than Apple TV, PC and console — we’re hanging on every tidbit just like the rest of you.