Dots titles have been successful enough that Dots (the studio formerly known as the slightly less confusing PlayDots) could definitely have just stayed in its lane and given us … well, ThreeDots, probably. Or Dots and Everybody after Dots & Co, but you get the idea.

It’s much more interesting that Wilds is coming instead. As you can see in the teaser video below, this isn’t going to be quite as abstract and will actually feature what VentureBeat describes as “a cinematic feel, and it will introduce character-led gameplay that builds on the Dots mechanic.” instead.

In other words, there’s a story involved, though maybe not one with a live-action person encountering glowing dots in the wilderness.

There are apparently clues to the “unique dimensions of the Wilds’ world” within that teaser, so start your speculation now. Dots is aiming for a late 2017 release for Wilds on both iOS and Android.