Chuck Norris does what Chuck Norris wants. Luckily, with Nonstop Chuck Norris (available now for iOS and Android) using the same idle-action RPG formula 2016 hit Nonstop Knight used to win over legions of fans, you can get pretty far ahead doing nothing at all. Still, there’s a limit to how far Chuck Norris can go on his own as he needs you to instigate boss battles, upgrade his gear and know when to start things over again by opening a rift in order to collect big permanent bonuses.

It’s easy to stay alive in Nonstop Chuck Norris, but it’s difficult to win. Here are 5 tips that’ll help you kick some serious butt and do Chuck Norris proud.

Make the most of the ‘gold thunder’ special move

First there comes thunder which has you jumping up and crashing down so hard that it knocks your enemies off kilter and does them some serious damage. Then there comes gold thunder where you land so hard that gold coins literally come bursting through the ground.

Nonstop Chuck Norris Gold Thunder

Don’t forget you can still use your special moves while in Super Chuck Norris mode!

As you progress through the game you’ll unlock more advanced iterations of the game such as ‘volcano thunder’, though when you’ve got a few minutes at hand to run through the game taking on run-of-the-mill enemies sacrificing extra power for extra coins will ultimately do you well. The later the game stage, the more coins you’ll collect with the gold thunder special move making it one of the easiest ways to rack up the coin count and speed upgrades along (if only slightly).

Nonstop Chuck Norris Gold Thunder Menu

It’s possible to move between gold thunder and more powerful versions of the thunder special move so you’re not at a disadvantage in boss fights.

Just remember the attack’s only effective when used against enemies. If no one’s around, no coins are rewarded so make sure you time your attack so it’ll be most effective.

Use your CFORCE water strategically

Like the infamous berserker potion in Nonstop Knight, CFORCE water is both ridiculously powerful and extremely rare. Because these bottles don’t come along often, it’s easy to understand the temptation to knock it back and go hog while right away. Don’t. Nonstop Chuck Norris might be more clicker than RPG much of the time, but this is one area where you need to think strategically.

Nonstop Chuck Norris CFORCE Water Menu

Just because you have it doesn’t mean you need to drink it right away. Wait until the top of a tough boss stage.

The best time to use CFORCE water is at the top of the boss stage (and the boss is expected to be tough or super tough) or when there’s a boss waiting for you already that’s rated tough or super tough. More often than not you can push taking on an ‘impossible’ boss, but sometimes it’s a gamble you can’t win. There isn’t a huge penalty for losing (you’re flung back to the top of the boss stage), so the choice is yours whether the risk is something you want to take.

Nonstop Chuck Norris versus Super Tough Boss

A ‘super tough’ boss is no match for Super Chuck Norris if you throw in your special moves!

Whether you drink it at the top of a boss stage or with a boss waiting in the wings, CFORCE water lasts long enough that you’ll be able to blast through the boss with time to finish off at least a dozen more enemies.

Spend it ALL because you can’t take it with you

You’re going to hit certain milestones in the game where you’ll be forced to open a rift. In Nonstop Chuck Norris opening a rift is kind of a bummer because not only do you have to start the game over but you lose all your coins and consumables in the process. You do get rewarded for opening a rift (a gem bonus plus a CFORCE water or mystery box) and you get to hold on to your permanent bonuses, but it still often seems like a raw deal.

Nonstop Chuck Norris Rift Rewards

When faced with the inevitable prospect of having to start over from scratch every time you hit a specified achievement you’re best off living as though today might be your last (because it probably is, at least in your current dimension). This means spend! Spend your coins! Spend your gems! Use your CFORCE water (strategically)! Consume your consumables because they won’t come with you into the next dimension.

Nonstop Chuck Norris Gold Thunder Gameplay

Whenever you see the golden cat symbol in the stage menu you’ll have to open a rift to continue after defeating the boss.

Upgrade frequently and evenly

Sure the relative power of the game’s outfits and the promise of its weapons make it tempting to upgrade these items while neglecting your headwear, but the strongest Chuck Norris is a well-balanced Chuck Norris. If you’re going to downgrade boss ratings from impossible to tough or tough to easy, you need to be continuously increasing your strength. 

Nonstop Chuck Norris Upgrade

If you’re in-game and see the green arrow it’s time to upgrade. Upgrade often if you want to see difficulty rating of the next boss lower.

Be patient – Chuck Norris doesn’t need to rush things

In your first 20 minutes with Nonstop Chuck Norris everything happens fast. You find your footing, unlock new special moves, upgrade every few seconds. The coins come flying as do the notifications. Over time the pace of the game slows down. Your item levels sail past 100 and upgrades don’t come as quickly. Each time you come up against a new boss the challenge rating lingers on impossible for what seems like an eternity.

Nonstop Chuck Norris Patience

Up against an impossible boss? Have a little patience. Good things come to those who can put the game down for a little bit once in awhile.

This is where the idle part of the idle-action RPG subgenre kicks in. Put down the device, enjoy the real world for a while – walk the dog, play football with your kids in the backyard, build a canoe – and come back in a few hours when you’ve passively accumulated enough coins to hopefully do some major upgrades. There’s no point staying in the game obsessing over the pace of coin increases or every single upgrade opportunity.

Trust Chuck Norris. Let him do his thing. The wins don’t always come fast, but pace yourself and they can come easy.