Happy Racing is a physics based racing game from Chill Fleet. It has you controlling a variety of different vehicles and characters as they attempt to negotiate some tricky racing tracks. You’ll have to dodge spikes and leap over fire pits to survive in this game!

It’s pretty easy to learn the basics but there’s plenty of room for you to improve. Gamezebo’s Happy Racing Tips, Cheats and Strategies has some key advice on how to perform your very best as you work your way through the many levels on offer.

Learn the Controls

  • The controls for Happy Racing are pretty simple, but you want to get them just right. Tap on either side of the screen to move left or right. If you hold down, you go faster.
  • You need to consider rotating your phone too. A twist left or right makes your character lean in that direction. It can make all the difference when trying to land a particularly tricky jump. If you lean too far, you might end up losing a limb or a wheel of your vehicle which is no good to anyone.
  • Lost a wheel? Ok, you’re probably stuck now and you should just hit restart.
  • Lost a limb? Maybe even a head? Don’t worry. Yet. You have a few seconds to reach the finish line before it’s game over. It’s worth sticking with in the hope that you don’t bleed out too fast. Realistic? Yup, not really.
  • Usually though, you don’t have to worry too much about speed. Sure, Happy Racing might describe itself as a racing game but the only thing you’re competing against is the clock. The longer you take, the fewer stars you gain, but it’s not like you can be beaten by another racer.

Advanced Tips

  • Sometimes, you’re better off exploring a level the first time before working on a great time. Certain areas require some momentum so be prepared to roll back and forth before making a good run up.
  • Focus on moving and don’t worry too much about keeping your character in one piece. Even if you sail across the finish line on fire, or go straight into some spikes, it still counts as a win.
  • Struggling a little? Remember to try out different characters. Each of them has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some levels might require you to be extra speedy while others require strength. Figure out what works best for you and during that particular stage.
  • Keep an eye on the game’s suggestions. Oftentimes, if you’re struggling, it’ll recommend a particular character for you to use. It can make all the difference to your chances of success plus it’s a free chance to try something new!

Unlocking New Content

  • Happy Racing is pretty generous at offering new things.
  • New levels are unlocked by gaining enough stars in already open levels but that’s fairly easy to achieve.
  • Want to unlock new characters? You have a few options. Some are unlocked through you logging in every day. Within a week or so, you should have a few new characters at your disposal.
  • You can also unlock new characters by using in-game coins. These are reasonably easy to earn and many characters are quite inexpensive.
  • All characters can be purchased with real money but if you want to spend some money, you’d be better off purchasing the coin multiplier which will help you in the long run.