The Humble Bundle always manages to group together a surprising amount of high quality games in a single, ridiculously discounted package, whether it’s fantastic RPGs like Wayward Souls and Shadowrun Returns or in-depth strategy titles such as Kingdom Rush Frontiers and Guild of Dungeoneering. This week’s bundle sets its sights on story-focused adventure games, and the result is a staggering selection of can’t-miss sagas on Android for one very low price.

The first tier of the bundle lets you pay whatever you’d like to get Grim Fandango Remastered, Kathy Rain, and Machinarium. There is a $1 minimum for this trio, but considering each of these games is usually $4.99 on Google Play, $1 for all three is a steal. Grim Fandango Remastered is the classic Tim Schafer story starring underworld reaper Manny Calavera, but with updated graphics and soundtrack. Kathy Rain is a modern take on old-school point-and-click adventures, following biker badass Kathy as she investigates the death of her grandfather. Machinarium is a gorgeous, interactive work of art set in a desolate, mechanical wasteland.

The second tier costs only $4 and gets you the three games mentioned above as well as Her Story, Sorcery! 4, and Burly Men at Sea. $4 is still cheaper than buying any of these games solo, and you get six of them to boot. Her Story is a fascinating experiment in narrative which uses live action video to explore a complicated criminal case. Sorcery! 4 is an expansive, beautiful gamebook and conclusion to the longstanding Sorcery! series. Burly Men at Sea is almost like an interactive children’s picture book, but with different stories to experience every time you open it.

The final tier of the bundle is available for $6. Paying $6 or more will net you all six games already discussed, as well as Lumino City and Samorost 3. Lumino City is an utterly breathtaking adventure that takes place in a world designed by hand, literally: it’s made out of paper, motors, and working lights that were constructed, videotaped, and transformed into the in-game environment. It gives the game a tactility and sense of vitality that make its characters and puzzles come alive. Samorost 3 is another adventure by Machinarium developer Amanita Design, made obvious by its shared use of beautifully hand-drawn scenes and surreal, almost Bosch-like environments. Although, like Sorcery! 4, it is part of a larger series, you don’t have to play the previous games to enjoy or appreciate the latest entry.

With all of these games costing $4.99 apiece on Google Play (except for $3.99 Her Story), this bundle is a shockingly good value at over 80% off the total. It also just happens to be full of amazing adventure games on top of that, with each one well worth a place in your permanent catalogue. The Humble Great Adventures Bundle will be available until May 1st, but we recommend grabbing it sooner—you’ll need plenty of time to get through these expansive, immersive stories.