If you remember Pipe Mania, or more recently the hacking mini-games from BioShock, you’ll know where you are with Burglars, Inc. You play on a board made of up rotatable tiles, and you have to turn them so that sections of a chain connect.

But this is no clone. Burglars, Inc., from two-man team Fuzzy Orbit Games, takes that basic gameplay mechanic and builds on it in every direction imaginable, and then gives the whole thing a gripping storyline and a cast of fun characters.

You play as Chase and her buddies, burglars in a crooked city who steal things in order to fight injustice. Because Burglars, Inc. is a puzzler, that means making connections in the chains.

The twist is that the connections you make can be along multiple branching channels, meaning you have to think tactically to pick up all of the power-ups and items on each of the nearly 200 levels.

With the loot you collect you can buy gear to help you collect even more loot, and as you progress through the game you earn badges and trophies, increase your rank, and, if you’re lucky, discover hidden secrets.

It sounds like the kind of addictive gaming loop that’ll keep you playing until your phone battery runs out.

Burglars, Inc. looks fantastic, with polished graphics, personality-filled writing, and an ingeniously simple game mechanic that’s both familiar and totally new. As soon as you see the game in action, you’ll wonder how it took so long for anybody to come up with it.

You can check Burglars, Inc. out for yourself on iOS [get]. Oh yes, and it’s a free download.

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