Alike Studio’s adorable and heartwarming adventure, Love You To Bits, released over a year ago in January 2016. While the game was packed with clever point-and-click puzzles built into a beautiful and colorful universe propelled by a touching story, this story was incomplete at launch. This week, the long-awaited conclusion arrives in the game’s latest update which adds three new levels, including one simply titled “Ending.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Love You To Bits, it’s something of a spiritual successor to Tiny Thief, the wonderful miniature adventure that pleasantly surprised us with its exquisitely crafted puzzles back in 2013. While the developer of LYTB is not technically the same, its team does boast some of Tiny Thief’s creators, and its gameplay and charm are obviously built with the same degree of care. Both games utilize smaller, self-contained levels featuring point-and-click puzzles involving item collecting and usage, such as picking up a key to unlock a door. But while Tiny Thief told the broader tale of a Robin Hood-esque rogue across a number of tangentially-related vignettes, Love You To Bits uses the same format to tell a comprehensive love story.


That story is about Kosmo, a youthful space explorer, and Nova, the robot girl he loves. Their shared ship is destroyed at the beginning of the game and Nova is blown apart with it, her robotic limbs and components dispersing across the galaxy. Kosmo manages to escape and immediately begins the search for Nova, traveling to nearby and then distant planets in his quest to restore her. That search takes him to strange alien cities, introduces him to unique alien species, and requires all his cunning and will to track down Nova’s bits.

Until this week, players had no idea if his efforts would result in happily ever after for the pair or some other outcome, but with the addition of levels “A Mall of Zombies,” “The Last Piece,” and “Ending,” we will finally find out. The lack of a definite ending didn’t deter from the game too much—it is such a lovely, wonderful experience from start to finish that any time spent with it is an utter joy—but we’re happy to have both more levels to play as well as closure. Love You To Bits does such a fantastic job of drawing you into its heroes’ world right off the bat, with its tiny characters offering so much emotion and expressiveness, that we want to fight for them and their future with all our hearts. And thankfully, that future is here, now.

Whether you’re finishing your longstanding playthrough of Love You To Bits or opening the game for the first time, the finale update is free and available now.