If you felt like you were being crushed under the weight of last week’s new releases, you’ll be pleased to know this week is shaping up to offer some breathing space. Even better, a slow week for “big” releases means a few games that might have other wise flown under the radar can shine through. For example:

Under a Spell

A new word game from the creators of the very-not-wordy  Tomb of the Mask, Under a Spell looks a little like mahjong meets Boggle. Interestingly, the team says they’ve “developed a special algorithm that dynamically constructs puzzles over handcrafted levels.” Sounds neat. What’s more, you can grab this one from the App Store now.

Faily Tumbler

From the creators of Faily Brakes and Faily Rider, Faily Tumbler takes a trip back to cave man days. Players will control a tumbling neanderthal as he ragdolls his way through the environment, collecting coins at every chance he can.


I’d probably have called this one “Math Maze” if I was in charge of naming everything, but I’m not (…yet). Numplussed has players trying to find the path that creates the math equation needed to reach the number at the exit. Math puzzle fans, get in on this on iOS and Android.

Cell 13

Looking for a traditional puzzle platformer with. It’s out starting today on iOS (and has been on Android for awhile now). This one is rife with all sorts of portals and physics and whatnot. There was a time when games like this were all the rage, and frankly, it’s nice to be reminded of them again.