In a world you don’t understand, and with stretchy arms you probably understand even less, the ring is your salvation. You are … The Contender!

Well, not you personally. And we didn’t make that up, as most of it is the tag line The Frosty Pop Corps made up for The Contender: Fight of the Century, which is slated for a release on iOS on April 13. It’s a minimalist, 8-bit style boxing game that could easily have come from a bygone age of video games, except for one thing: the fighters’ arms are long enough to punch each other from clear across the screen.

Seriously, Ralph Dibney and Eel O’Brian, eat your hearts out. Take a look at this trailer:

Frosty Pop Corps mastermind Faisal Sethi noted the similarity in the stretching arms mechanic to the upcoming Nintendo Switch game ARMS, but says the studio was unaware of that game while developing The Contender, and also jokingly adds that ARMS looks a little more polished. Uh, yes. That’s probably true.

Sethi also seemed almost apologetic about the difficulty level of The Contender, but we speak for many gamers when we say that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all. Fight of the Century also features a between rounds idle clicker-esque mechanic, local PvP, an iMessage Sticker Pack, which the kids say is all the rage these days, and more.

And even though you’re mentally preparing for a life of fisticuffs, you won’t have to scrap to grab The Contender: Fight of the Century as you’ll simply be able to find it in the App Store. The Frosty Pop Corps also has another game called rvlvr. in the works that is due on May 6, so things are about to get all around frosty over the next six weeks or so.