Need something tranquil to play tonight? Or strategic? Or maybe just with a giant snake? Tonight’s new mobile games have got you covered.


State of Play makes some very pretty games (Lumino City, INKS), and KAMI was no exception. Tonight this paper-folding puzzler is getting a sequel. This time around you’ll be folding triangles instead of squares, and players will be able to make and share their own puzzles.

Temple Run 2: Lost Jungle update

There’s a fresh (and terrifying) new update to Temple Run 2, and it involves a very big snake. YEESH! And I thought demon monkeys were bad. This is a free update, and it’s available now, so be sure to grab Temple Run 2 from the App Store or Google Play if you need to get your run on.

Griddle – Speed Puzzle

If you like sliding things into place and working crazy fast, you’re going to want to check out Griddle. It’s a game about sliding tiles to get them to match the icons below, and it plays a little like a Rubik’s Cube.¬†We’ve had a chance to play it, and it’s pretty great. Expect it on the App Store and Google Play tonight.

Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion

Did you love Rome Total War on your iPad when it launched earlier this year? Good news! It’s standalone follow-up, Barbarian Invasion, is available right now. Get in all of the strategic combat you can handle as you either defend the last days of the Roman Empire, or lay siege to is as a ruthless Barbarian commander.