One day many years ago, trouble came to the land of vikings. Savages invaded the realm and destroyed the tree of plenty, leaving the people starving in their ruined villages. Two brothers picked up their horned hats and decided to do something about the situation. Now they’re on an epic quest to win back the favor of the gods and restore prosperity to their once happy kingdom. Not a bad excuse for an adventure, eh?

Viking Brothers 2 is a resource management game that puts you in the old Norse inspired driver’s seat. Send workers out along the twisty roads to collect resources, remove obstacles, and repair buildings, all in the name of completing a set of goals and earning three stars at the end of the stage. Along the way you’ll pick up bonuses from gold-generating treasure chests, drive away wolves, help NPCs in need, and even fish for food like a true viking.

The core of the Viking Brothers 2 gameplay revolves around amassing piles of wood, stone, gold, and food, all of which are required to do pretty much everything in the game. Some levels have regenerating piles of loot that deliver pieces every few seconds. Others require you repair and upgrade buildings to get all of the resources you need. No matter the particular layout, Viking Brothers keeps the set-up straightforward and familiar. You won’t have to deal with mini-games or roundabout quests to progress from level to level. Just focus on queueing up tasks for your workers and the rest will fall into place.

Also, did you know vikings used magic? These do, anyway! At the bottom of the screen a small meter slowly fills up as time passes. When the meter reaches an icon, that ability can be activated. These spells do simple but incredibly useful things like speed up your workers or offer a temporary resource bonus. Nothing that feels like cheating or that will change the course of play, but great extras when the going gets especially tough.

The Viking Brothers 2 experience is core resource management genre at its best. The focus never strays from the concept of working efficiently, even when new vikings and surprise missions join the fray. The stages play out without any hitches, the difficulty rises on a gradual curve, and the variety of locations keeps things fresh long into the game. Viking Brothers 2 is a charmer from beginning to end, featuring a quirky story and tongue-in-cheek characters who never take things too seriously. Just the sort of resource management game to help you wind down after a long day.