As millions of casual gamers have discovered over the last few years, there’s nothing quite as addictive as the rich, refined, laser-focused gameplay of a puzzle-RPG.

However, the genre can be off-putting to newcomers. After all, what could possibly be so exciting about swapping gems around on a board?

Forge of Glory is set to be a good antidote to this minor image problem, because it doesn’t look like a puzzle game at all. It looks like a fully fledged 3D MMORPG, with 13 beautiful, detailed fantasy environments, well-drawn characters, and a suitably heroic musical score.

Available in soft launch for almost a year, Forge of Glory sees you picking a class (rogue, warrior, mage, archer) and either protecting your home town from the forces of darkness or setting out for the lair of Bone Dragon to kill it.

You can play PVE, making your way through a series of regions and dungeons, or you can lay siege to other players’ strongholds and try to plunder them for loot and rewards, either alone or cooperatively with friends. There’s even a chat system to help you coordinate your attacks and trade insults.

Meanwhile you need to make sure your own stronghold is protected, by upgrading buildings and leveling up the vicious creatures that defend them.

Battles take the form of thrilling, deeply tactical turn-based match-three bouts, where you have to launch attacks while breaking down your opponent’s deference.

We think Forge of Glory looks great. Download it for free on Google Play to see for yourself.

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