After The End: Forsaken Destiny is a beautiful puzzler from Nexon which offers a thoughtfully paced adventure, set in an ancient land of deserts, caves, and odd little beasts. If your efforts to progress have been thwarted by spikey attackers and shifting walls, here are Gamezebo’s tips and strategies to help you along on your adventure.

Get A New View

Before you take off in a new area, swing your camera up, down, and all around to get a look at everything you possibly can. Scope out your target beam of light, if it’s visible, find your enemies, and look for artifact cubes which will be hidden all over the scene. A top-down view can be particularly helpful when trying to move through enemies or rotating spike zones. The first thing you encounter might not be the first thing you should do. For example, every switch will be used to effect some change, but you might need to pass a switch then return to it later so you can use it in the way it was intended.

Follow The Diamonds

If you are heading in the right direction, paths of life-giving diamonds will appear in front of you. Diamond patterns embedded in the ground will light up and show you where to go. For rotating platforms, the large diamonds on one or two sides act as guides for where you should aim to stay safe as they move. And always explore little side rooms and alcoves- you’ll likely find some diamonds hiding in there as well.

Listen Carefully

Using headphones isn’t always ideal, but this is a game where you can be more effective if you use them. The music puzzles offer helpful sonic feedback and you can hear the deadly rolling boulder or ghosts advancing upon you. If you can’t or don’t want to listen to the game, it is possible to succeed without hearing the sound effects by following visual cues. For the music puzzles, you can time your tap visually to when the dropping note hit its respective diamond. For the rolling boulders and other environmental dangers, you might just lose a life or two before you can master the escape timing.

Rock Your Weapons

You can trigger well-timed spike gates and pick up then throw small boulders to kill the dark hovering ghosts that will pursue you. However, be aware that the small boulders scattered around the environment only spawn once. So if you die after you’ve used one, you’ll be without a boulder the next time you face that same area. Also, you cannot throw a boulder over a wall even if it appears short, so don’t waste your rocks. Some environments will also do work for you. The stalagmite zones filled with spiked turtles will eventually be cleared out if you’re patient.

Know Your Milestones

Levels are comprised of multiple puzzle stages which all must be cleared to progress to a milestone and open the next section. You clear a stage when you land on the beam of light and a new area loads, but there are several of these stages to complete. If you close the game in the middle of any stage within a level, you will be sent back to the very beginning of the level which means you might lose a lot of hard fought time while you replay what you thought you had already cleared.