Money makes the world go round, they say — even if your whole world exists in a video game. Bit City, a city-building clicker game from the creators of Tiny Tower, is all about beefing up your income so that you can reinvest and continue to grow. Knowing the best way to do this can be tough, but don’t worry — Gamezebo is here to show you how to get more coins in Bit City in the most efficient ways possible.

Don’t Close the Game

Idle clickers are great games for busy folks because they’ll continue to earn money when you’re not playing — but Bit City is a little different. Yes, you’ll earn an income even when the app is closed — but you’ll only earn a fraction of the money that you would with Bit City open. The rate you’ll earn is determined by your bank, which you can upgrade — but in our experience, those upgrades only seem to increase the length of time you’ll earn while inactive and not the rate of earning. In fact, it appears to be locked at 10%. That’s a pittance at best. If you want to earn 100% of your potential income, just don’t close Bit City. You don’t even need to interact with it — just don’t let the app power down.

Keep Tapping Transportation

If you’re keeping Bit City open as we’ve advised, you can earn a lot more by focusing on vehicles. A city doesn’t come to life without cars after all, and Bit City’s mayors can see some real financial benefits from this fact. Cars will display a coin bonus regularly, and you just need to tap them to collect. To maximize your vehicular earning potential, do the following:

  • Unlock cars in the garage as early as you can
  • Focus on upgrades that increase your car coin bonus (Ticket Quotas, Ride Sharing Service)
  • Keep an eye on your city and tap coin-bonused cars constantly

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • Cars will earn money passively as well, so there’s a perk to having them even if you don’t keep the app open and tapping.
  • Cars will also offer up Bux bonuses, meaning you can score plenty of premium currency if you keep a watchful eye.
  • As the game progresses, you’ll also unlock airplanes and boats that have similar behaviors.

Hire a Certified Contractor

Like the kind you’ll find in your local yellow pages! Bit City’s main focus is building and leveling up new properties, though it may not feel entirely clear how this is going to help you up your coin count. Each property generates passive income, of course, but leveling up doesn’t seem to give you a huge increase in that stat. You’ll need to level up each building numerous times to really feel that oomph, and you can do so without vigilantly clicking the Build button seemingly endlessly.

Once you unlock Tier 3 upgrades, you’ll have access to Builder Bots — an upgrade that will automatically take one of your available builders and put them to work in your city. This will only happen every so often though, so you’ll want to keep upgrading your Builder Bots until they’re maxed out. Once they are (so long as you have the game open) your builders will nearly constantly be at work without the need for tapping, leaving you available to tap on the vehicles mentioned in our previous tip.

Avoid Low Demand

Like a real city (or, frankly, a SimCity), Bit City is all about balance. You’ll have a choice of residential, business or service sectors to construct on any given plot of land, and you’ll want to be very careful to try to keep the availability of each equal throughout your city. If you create too few of one type, you’ll see high demand (which can be great), but if you create too many, you’ll see low demand — and that stinks. Especially if you like money.

Sectors with low demand earn 10% less than they otherwise would. And we’re not just talking the new building you’ve built, but all sectors of that type in your city. To solve this, you’ll need to build more of the other types until you’ve restored a semblance of balance.

The opposite end of the spectrum, of course, is that high demand units earn 10% more. If you’re very shrewd, you can probably find a balance where you have one type in high demand and two at normal — but there’s a real Icarus feeling to this. Fly too close to the sun, and you’ll be flipping something else to low demand — and you’ll always have more low demand units than high demand in that scenario, creating a net loss.

Pay Careful Attention to Upgrades

Some upgrades may read like they’ll be crazy beneficial, but the end result is less than exciting. When choosing upgrades, don’t spam the upgrade button unless you’re positive that it will give you the best return on your investment. How do you figure that out? Just look at your income number as you click the upgrade button. If you see a sizable jump, that’s an upgrade that makes sense for the city you’ve built right now.

Focus on the most profitable upgrades first. Then buy the rest when you have some chump change kicking around.

Don’t Forget to Double Time

If you’re keeping Bit City open and playing actively, you’ll be amazed how much time will fly by. You can take advantage of this in more ways than just following the tips above, too: just remember to re-up your “Double Time” every 10 minutes.

Double Time is a feature that creates a 2X multiplier on your income for 10 minutes at a time, and can only be accessed by watching a video ad. If you’re anything like me, you can easily watch 20 of them in a single play session — and you’ll be much richer for having done so.