Crash of Cars is coming soon to iOS and Android and, from early looks, it just might be a breakout hit on the scale of Like, Crash of Cars uses .io multiplayer to help you skip the line and jump right into the action. Rather than sucking up all the dots you can find, in Crash of Cars you’re out for crowns. Along the way, you’ll collect special power-ups that’ll help you destroy anyone and everyone that stands in your way.

With flamethrowers, spikes, missiles and a range of cannons on offer as power-ups, at its best Crash of Cars looks like a scaled down massively multiplayer Mario Kart, minus your favorite Nintendo characters. There’s a solid variety of cars available to unlock – 32 in total. The vehicles can be personalized with the addition of one of 30 skins, including one that’ll turn your car into a rolling pizza.                                 

One cool feature of Crash of Cars, and still something of a rarity in .io multiplayer games, is the ability to take on your friends directly. So next time Kevin from accounting in your carpool complains about your driving, just challenge him to a quick game at lunch and use your freeze cannon to show him who’s the queen of the road.

Crash of Cars Gameplay

Crash of Cars is the first mobile game developed in-house by Not Doppler, but that doesn’t mean they are games novices. One of the most popular online games portals in the world, Not Doppler has helped support the development and continued availability of more than 160 online games and previously brought the successful zombie-busting series Earn to Die to mobile so expectations are pretty high for this one.

Although there has been no official release date announced for Crash of Cars, the game is already in soft-launch in Canada which means that ‘soon’ could be quite soon indeed. Crash of Cars will be free-to-play.