Beautiful, simple design never gets old. When sleek minimalism is combined with a real cerebral challenge it’s even better. That’s exactly what indie game studio The Frosty Pop Corps (best known for Slap Shots, High Dive and Walls & Balls) is promising with its latest offering rvlvr.

Due out mid-April, rvlvr is, as the name might suggest, a revolution based puzzle game. Your challenge is to match the pattern shown on the top ring set by rotating the dots around the bottom rings into place. The catch is that rotating one dot will have an impact on the other dots in play, a bit like a Rubik’s Cube. Still, this sounds easy enough right? It is, at least at the beginning when there’s only a few rings and a few dots of the same color but it doesn’t stay that way.

Keep playing and the number of rings, dots and variety of colors of each will increase. As the puzzles themselves become more complex, you’ll be able to feel a noticeable increase in difficulty. It’s rumored that at their peak the puzzles can involve up to 16 rings and 48 dots. How’s that for a challenge?

If you’re not looking to have your mind melted, don’t worry – with something in the neighborhood of 15,000 puzzle combinations there are plenty of weekends you can lose to rvlvr before it’ll become unmanageable. Curious but still not sold? Have a quick look at the rvlvr trailer Frosty Pop just dropped.

Despite the different genre, we’ve been told the game draws some inspiration from the seemingly endless nature of Desert Golfing. But fortunately, its appeal will likely extend far beyond those folks who shot their way through all 64,465 holes of rvlvr’s inspiration. With its impeccably clean circles, excellent use of white space and soundtrack reminiscent of your favorite Wes Anderson film (unless it’s The Darjeeling Limited – sorry), it might even break through to those folks who bring their typewriters on public transit just as long as they’re iOS users.

Sorry Android folks, this one’s an iOS exclusive.