If your phone is charged, your mind is fresh, and your coffee maker is set to brew an 8pm pot, consider yourself ready: new mobile games are coming tonight! In fact you might not even need the coffee, as most of these titles have already triggered live today. And best of all, there’s a little something for everybody.


One that’s very much for the Hearthstone crowd, Faeria is a new game that mixes card and tabletop mechanics in a way that looks dauntingly deep. This one has been on Steam Early Access for a little while, but if you’ve been holding out for a tablet release, it’s finally here. Faeria is available as a free download on the iPad.

The Deep Paths

This one may sound a little familiar to our list-followers here at Gamezebo. The Deep Paths (from the creator of Coldfire Keep) was released a few weeks ago — but then quickly pulled due to a few bugs muddying up the experience. It’s back on the App Store effective immediately, though, so if you’re a fan of dungeon-crawling goodness, be sure to add this to your collection.


If you enjoy point’n’click adventure games, few modern developers deliver quite as consistently as Wadjet Eye Games. Shardlight is their latest release, taking players into a world of post-apocalyptic class warfare. If that sounds like your jam (and if you’ve been watching the news lately, this may serve as a helpful primer for the near future), you can grab Shardlight from the App Store effective immediately.

Pocket Arcade

If you love a trip to the midway (but can’t always be there because of “responsibilities”), Pocket Arcade might just be the next best thing. Combining familiar concepts like coin pushers, basketball, and UFO catchers into one roof, there are elements here you’ve definitely seen before on mobile. And yet if these style of games are your bag, you’ll just be one home screen tap away.