Racing is a genre that doesn’t seem like it would work well on mobile, but has definitely surprised to the upside over the years. Even with just a phone or tablet in your hands, there have been plenty of fun ways to go fast, and Grid Autosport is going to offer another one to iOS users in the not too distant future.

Yep, that’s the same Grid Autosport that Codemasters — a studio known for making excellent racing games — released for console and PC a few years ago. Feral Interactive, who published the original versions, announced the mobile port on its own website but with few details other than the fact that it would be the “complete experience of the desktop game.”

grid Autosport

That sounds especially promising because Grid Autosport features a wide-ranging career mode that allows you to pick from five different driving disciplines (Touring, Endurance, Open Wheel, Tuner and Street) and play seasons in any or all of them. It’s completely up to you to set your own career goals, and the overall driving experience successfully walks the sometimes tricky line between arcade and realism.

In other words, this should be another improbably good mobile racing game with plenty to consume your time. Feral says its Facebook page and Twitter feed are the places to watch for more info, so we’ll be doing that right along with you.