We know what you’re thinking: another match-three puzzler seriously? Weren’t 10 new match-three games released just last week? Aren’t there enough already? Yes, it’s true that the mobile games landscape needs another generic match-three puzzler like Denis Rodman needs another tattoo, but Catomic, which is due to be released March 15th, isn’t just some generic match-three puzzler.

In Catomic your goal is to get your cat astronauts into deep space, so whether you love or hate the fuzzy felines, the game will work for you. To help guide them out of this world, you’ll need to school them up as well, so there’s a case to be made the game’s educational as well as fun (or at least that’s what you can tell your teacher if she catches you playing under the desk). Place items on the board to make more cats, help them grow and get them through university while avoiding mice and helping owls generate energy.

Catomic Gameplay

Catomic is coming to us from On5, the same indie studio behind RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile, Draw Mania and Spice Bandits. In order to celebrate the launch of Catomic and thank their players personally, On5 is sending out personalized postcards from its office straight to your home. All a Catomic player needs to do to snag one of these mementos of a game well played is build the university inside the game and provide the information requested (basically just your postal address). While the opportunity to develop a personal connection with one of your new favorite games studios is in itself worth getting to work on that university, wouldn’t it also just be nice to receive something in the mail that isn’t a reminder to pay your electricity bill for once?

Cats in space, postcards? What more could you want from a match-three puzzle game? Well if you still aren’t solved, maybe this trailer can convince you to give the game a go: