If you’ve not picked up Dashy Crashy in a while, now’s the time to revisit things. Rebranded as Dashy Crashy Turbo, it’s the same endless highway roadtrip that you know and love, but with a massive update.

Dashy Crashy Update Screen

The most noticeable change is that, while still free-to-play and ad-supported, the ads no longer interrupt the fun but instead offer perks, namely the chance to give new vehicles a try before unlocking or purchasing them.

On the topic of vehicles, there’s 25 new cars, vans, trucks and busses to choose from as well. Fancy your chances with the ‘Ghost[busters] Car’ or an RC racer? Now you have the option. Even the vehicles you know and love have received an update with new bonus modes and perks.

There’s also been major changes to the rewards system. Dashy Crashy Turbo has replaced the ranking system of Dashy Crashy with a medal based system. As a result, it’s clearing in-game goals rather than achieving a specific rank that’ll unlock new vehicles for you. Without spoiling the fun, there are new ways to increase your score quickly too, meaning you can unlock new vehicles than ever before.

Dashy Crashy Gameplay

Other improvements to the gameplay experience have also been made that show how seriously Dumpling Design take player feedback. There’s now the option to listen to your own music as you dash through freeway traffic and FINALLY there’s the option to pause. Best of all, it’s now possible to play in landscape mode, a drastic improvement for those playing on tablets.

Dashy Crashy Turbo is also available for the Apple TV and supports iCloud saving so whether you’re on the run or at home in front of the big screen, all of the cars you’ve unlocked will be right there waiting for you on load-up.

Dashy Crashy Turbo may have been deliberately put out as an update in order to reward those that have stuck with the game since its 2015 launch, but it feels very much like a sequel wrapped in home comforts.