Causality is a challenging puzzler in which players guide intrepid astronauts along precarious paths through outer space worlds. With 60 levels and complicated space-time mechanics, there is a lot to navigate. If you’re struggling to negotiate those time traveling paradoxes as you come face-to-face with yourself from the past, here are Gamezebo’s tips and tricks to help you wrap your mind around Causality.

Use The Clues

Consider that all of the obstacles and opportunities in the terrain are clues to help you map out your journey, and you will likely have to interact with all of them. With buttons to press, timeline warps to trigger and cephalopods to avoid, you’ll have a lot to work around and incorporate into your quest. To figure out your path, reverse engineer how to get to the button or how to edge out the grasping tentacle. Understanding the approach to each of these small moves will help you assemble the larger path you’ll need to take by stringing them all together.

Keep It Straight

To reach a goal, you have to come straight upon it. If the goal is around a corner or if it is just next to the path you’re on, you’ll need to come at it from a different direction. Plan that straight-ahead path into your reverse engineering and you’ll end up in a better position for success.

Causality Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Parse Those Portals

The time travel portals which appear in the second world add another layer of complexity to negotiating the timeline. For these levels, before you begin guiding the astronauts, test out each arrow tile direction to see where in the timeline they’ll trigger the time warp. Some arrows will trigger warps that are longer than others- meaning they occupy more space on the timeline, sending your astronaut to different locations. If more than one potential warp can be triggered, you won’t necessarily use them all; so if you’re having trouble with one warp, it might mean you’re trying the wrong one (looking at you, Level 203). The flashing diamond on the timeline tells you where the warp will occur, if you move the arrow tiles before that point.

When your astronaut enters the portal, it can warp you forward or back along the timeline, depending on when
you enter that portal relative to the flashing diamond. If you enter before the diamond, you’ll disappear as time progresses until you meet up with the “present” (which is the entry point).  If you pass the diamond and moving into the window of the timewarp, then there will be two of your astronauts as one is in the “present” and one is on another timeline. Once an astronaut reaches the portal window, it will disappear.

Causality Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Restart Regularly

In the top right corner of your screen there is a little refresh button which will restart a level, erasing all of your previous milestones and arrow changes. As you get further into the game, the combinations of steps to progress become increasingly more complicated and you can easily lose track of what decisions you’ve made along the way, and which placements were just part of the board to start with. By starting fresh, you’ll be able to avoid adding extra moves on top of previously incorrect decisions.

Be Patient

Ultimately, Causality is a challenging game with a lot of components to keep track of and a lot of mechanics to learn. Because it is an experience that’s built around a space-time paradoxes, you aren’t always going to be quite sure how the decisions you’re facing will effect your current timeline or your progress toward your ultimate goal. Being patient and persistent and not being precious about restarting will help you get further. Plus, if you’re really stuck, just exit the level and try the next open one instead. A fresh perspective can always help you get further.