Square Enix and gumi really want you to come back and play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius again. Seriously, they’re pulling out all the stops.

The largest update to the game so far has arrived, bringing with it a number of new additions. There’s more story, for starters, exploring the world of Lapis in more detail, as well as a new esper named Odin who can be acquired thanks to a new side quest.

Gameplay enhancements have sprouted up in numerous areas as well. Square Enix is touting an improved summon system, an easier to use quest menu (something this writer will definitely be thankful for) and more guides to aid in the game’s multiple crafting processes. Even the home screen has been revamped to make navigation more painless.

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

As extra incentive to return to Lapis, you’ll also find the biggest reward Brave Exvius has ever handed out if you log in now. As a celebration of both the Version 2.0 update and the game reaching 20 million downloads worldwide, every player can take advantage of a free 10 + 1 summon. We’re not the greatest at math, but that appears to be 11 free characters and a nice shot at some rarer and more powerful newcomers for your team.

So just to review, more story, additional esper, lots of quality of life improvements and a whole bunch of free characters. If you need more motivation that that, I’m not sure what to tell you.