Don’t let our recent chatter about cats fool you — if there’s one thing that we love just as much as video games here at Gamezebo, it’s probably dogs. I have two adorable mutts of my own, and I couldn’t imagine spending a single day without them. The hero of Fetch isn’t so fortunate — his playful pup has been stolen by an evil company, and he has plenty of point-and-click puzzling to do if he wants to get him back!

Originally released on the iPad back in 2013, Fetch has slowly been making its way to additional platforms in the ensuing years, welcoming more gamers into its dog lover’s paradise in the process. And now, courtesy of iWin, you can experience the Fetch phenomenon from the comfort of your desktop.

Is it worth your time? Our 4.5 star review certainly seems to think so. And if you pick it up and find you’re stuck, don’t worry — we have a full Fetch walkthrough available to help you free your canine comrade from the clutches of evil.